Casino Workers in Quebec Continue to Protest

Nearly three weeks after an indefinite general strike began across Quebec casinos, staff from Charlevoix moved demonstrations in front of the Quebec City Games Fair. 슬롯머신 On Thursday morning, 95 employees at the casino complained to their employer, Roto Quebec, about the lack of progress in negotiations for a new deal.

A total of about 1,700 Crown Company employees quit on June 23, 2023, after voting in favor of an unlimited general strike. Casinos affected by employers are employees of online casino platforms, as well as casinos in Charlevoix, Montreal, Montremblanc and Lakremi, who demand better wages.

Eric DuPour, chairman of the Charlevoix Casino General and Security Department, a union affiliated with CSN, said there had been no progress in negotiations for nearly two months. The chairman explained that the union wants to make progress and return to the negotiating table with the employer to agree on a new collective contract.

Employees on strike in Charlevoix include guards, cashiers, slot machines, housekeeping, court checkers and safes, checkout rooms and customer service personnel. According to Mr. Dufour, the only departments not affected by the strike are Cruffier from the casino and catering service staff.

In addition, the president pointed to the remarkable gains made by employers in the last fiscal year, saying workers deserve more profits because they have an important part in getting those benefits. He believes that the demand is legitimate and that gambling employers can pay what is required because the industry is thriving.

However, the employer insists that the union wants too much. Crown Corporation explained that the demand would amount to a pay rise of 24% over a three-year period, more than double what the company awarded to its employees last year. He mentioned that last year’s breach of contract was well received by employees.

In addition, the employer claimed that the recent proposal for the union was quite generous. This does not include overtime. The representative argued that the conditions were much more attractive and competitive for all employees, given all the benefits such as incentive compensation, numerous bonuses and defined benefit pension plans.

But Mr. Dupo, who has worked as a slot machine employee for quite some time, said it was not honest to think that an employee could reach an estimate from the company’s salary. But he said he was still looking forward to reinstatement, and that workers had no choice but to continue their strike. He hopes to reach an agreement with his employer soon.

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