A 19-Year-Old Setter Who Settled in Woori Card And is Growing Up

Han Tae-joon 19, a second-year Woori Card setter, is from Namyang Elementary School, Bono Middle School, and Suseong High School, and instead of going to college, he participated in the 2022 Men’s Rookie Draft and was nominated as the fourth-ranked Woori Card in the first round. 토토

Expectations were high because he was chosen by Woori Card coach Shin Young-chul, a former businessman. Coach Shin Young-chul said about Han Tae-joon before the opening of last season, Han Tae-joon had control skills even in high school. I have that much ability, he said, adding, I’m going to make Han Sun-soo, Hwang Seung-bin, and Yoo Kwang-woo play a back B-toss. Wherever the ball is located, it has the potential to push it with fastballs. You have to teach quickly when you are young,” he said, showing expectations.

Han Tae-joon, who has played 18 games-45 sets in his debut season under the guidance of head coach Shin Young-chul, is playing as the team’s main setter at the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Hwang Seung-bin left for KB Insurance and took on a heavy responsibility as the main setter not long after Lee Seung-won was discharged from the military.

In the first game, he was shaken in the match against Korean Air, but in the second game against KB Insurance, he clearly showed better performance than before.

Coach Shin Young-chul also said, I did better than the first game after the second game against KB Insurance. If you only know how to toss fastballs in various ways, you can improve it, he said. There is a difference between high school and professional. You must have a desire to do well, but you have to help. If that happens, I will gain confidence at a young age, he said with expectations.

Han Tae-joon also said, I found more leisure than the first game, adding, I try to enjoy it rather than being nervous. But I was really nervous in the first game. At that time, the coach said, I did well for the first game, but I was not satisfied. I’m reflecting on myself, and I have to repay the team with a good performance, he said.

He is now 19 years old. Friends around me are going to college and gaining college league experience with a fresh freshman mind. How does it feel to be an early pro.

He said, When I first said I was going to go to the pro, half of the people told me to go out and half of the people told me not to go out. I have no regrets about coming out early. Thanks to you, I came to a good team called Woori Card. Good coach, I have no regrets because I met good players, he stressed.

There is no goal. Since it is a mock test before the opening of the season, it is the only thing to build confidence as much as possible and finish the tournament safely.

Han Tae-joon said, We need to find confidence through this competition. As much as you trust and write, I think you have to be as confident as possible so that there will be no shaking in the season, he said adding, I will do what the coach tells me to do well and make it mine. That’s how we can last a long time, he said.

Han Tae-joon is scheduled to play in the final preliminary match against OK Financial Group at 3:30 p.m. on the 10th. If you win this game, you will be confirmed to advance to the semifinals. I wonder if I can help the team.

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