ALC Starts Summer Promotion Day

The Atlantic Lottery Company is offering players another season-themed promotion as the Crown kicks off its Summer Days event on July 11, 2022. As the name suggests, the promotion is summer-themed and allows Atlantic residents to register tickets for the chance to win numerous prize money or holiday-based items. This offer will run through September 5, 2022.

Participants must reside in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland and Labrador in order to participate in summer competitions. You must also have an active account, where you must either play online on the platform or purchase tickets during promotional hours to submit participants’ entries.

Days of Summer officially began on July 11, 2022, ending September 5, 2022 at 23:59:59 Atlantic time. During the promotion period, players can purchase physical lottery tickets or collect both gameplay and target items online at . 파친코 You can then cash in your gameplay by September 5, 2022.

All participants start with one free gameplay, and players can click the Play Now button to trigger a collectible game board, so any collection icon is lit for the prize type. Each gameplay offers up to 2 collections per day, players can unlock up to 1 collection per day, and 1 additional collection per day.

ALC informs you that all registered tickets also win entries for the grand prize draw of C$50,000. Players can earn up to 50 grand prize entries per day. You can also earn one bonus target entry for all replicated game works you own. The draw for a cash prize of CA$50,000 is scheduled to take place on September 7, 2022.

On each day of the summer day promotion, Crown companies will have a feature game or category of games. This could be a scratch-and-win, draw, instant win, or casino. And by playing feature games, participants can earn one more additional gameplay, as well as up to 10 bonus target registrations based on a two-chance rate.

In addition, ALC is also preparing special events for sports betting fans. This July, betters can also bet on PRO&LINE or STADIUM&BETS to earn up to CA$150 in free credit play. The contest runs through July 31, 2022, and for every 25 Canadian dollar bet, players will receive a 10 Canadian dollar token available on PRO&LINE, STADIUM&BETS, Fantasy or Futures.

In June, Crown Agency also shook hands with ParisPlay on a new content distribution deal. Under the deal, the leading provider of iGaming titles will offer Crown a huge portfolio of games through the Fusion platform. Therefore, ALC’s products on the platform are more attractive to many Atlantic players.

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