Congratulations To Your Father And Brother I’ll Get a Chance

Choi Hang is another player who is drawing attention among the players who have left SSG due to the nomination of other clubs. Infielder Choi Hang from Yu Shin-go joined the SK Wyverns now SSG in 2012 and played for only one team. Choi Hang, who can defend both first, second and third bases, hit 0.273 in 304 games. 토토 The best performance was in 2018 when he played in 98 games and recorded a batting average of 0.293.

He often suffered from major and frequent injuries in SSG, and when he recovered, he did not have many opportunities due to his high-profile seniors. However, he received Lotte’s nomination in the third round because he has the advantage of being able to play various positions and has the ability to attack.

Choi Hang is the younger brother of third baseman Choi Jeong, who symbolizes SSG. Choi Hang, who grew up dreaming of baseball after seeing his seven-year-old brother when he was young, succeeded in joining SK after going to Yushin High School, and followed his brother’s path.

Although Choi Hang did not grow as much as Choi Jung, who rose to stardom early on and became a member of the national team, it was good to be able to play baseball with his brother, who was a role model. However, as a result of the draft, Choi will play for a different team from his older brother for the first time.

It is regrettable to leave SSG in many ways, but it is encouraging to have a chance in the new team. Lotte may have more opportunities than ever before as the existing second baseman An Chi-hong has left for Hanwha.

Choi Hang said in a phone call with News 1 on the 23rd, I have mixed feelings. “It’s regrettable, good, and proud, he said. But it’s important to be able to play baseball more at Lotte. I’m more excited and looking forward to it, he said.

Choi Jeong is said to have congratulated his younger brother who visited the new team with sincerity. His father, who raised the Choi Jung-hang brothers into baseball players, reacted the same way. Choi Hang said, I haven’t felt any sense of comparison or anything like that while I was with my brother. It was just fun and precious to know that brothers were on the same team. Rather, I really received a lot of help from my brother, he expressed his gratitude.

How does Choi Hang feel to face his older brother as an enemy now. He said, First of all, I need to take a chance at Lotte. If I can defend when my brother is at bat, I can get 10 hits out. It’s possible enough to know my brother’s batting style, he said with a cheerful smile.

Choi Hang, who was instructed by the Lotte club to attend the delivery ceremony on the 25th, will now begin his move as a Lotte man in earnest. Choi Hang said, I’m grateful to the Lotte club for picking me. Lotte has Park Seung-wook, who was in the same class as SK. He said he welcomed the call after the draft. There is also coach Kim Min-jae who was with SSG, he said.

My strength is that I can do my part without being swept away by the atmosphere on the pitch. He emphasized, It will be a player who instills expectations in Lotte fans. Finally, Choi Hang said, I would like to say thank you so much to the SSG club and fans who have given me so much love. SSG is the team that brought me into the professional league and grew me up. I’m also very grateful to the fans who have consistently supported me, he concluded.

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