Taekwondo Game Play

In Taekwondo, the goal is to throw kicks and punches in the opponent’s scoring area. This is the torso and head, and both kicks and punches must be accurate and powerful. This is because a light tap kick is not calculated by the scorer (or the electronic scoring system of major competitions). At the end of the three rounds of the game, the player with the most points is declared the winner, but if one player knocks down the other, the game may end early.

All Taekwondo trainees, whether they are athletes or not, must always keep the five principles of Taekwondo. It’s a spirit of courtesy, sincerity, patience, moderation, and indomitable. In Taekwondo, athletes compete with other athletes of the same gender. 스포츠토토 They are also placed in the weight category to ensure that the combat matches as evenly as possible. Junior competitions may also have age categories.

The white taekwondo uniform worn by players is commonly called Ki, but technically, it is a Japanese martial arts uniform and the exact Korean word is Dobok. A color band is hung in the center of the robe, and the color means the grade of the trainee. Belt systems range from white for beginners to yellow, green, blue, red and black for experienced practitioners.

Taekwondo rules set by the World Taekwondo require the referee to say hello to the opponent before the match. All matches are played in three rounds of two minutes, with a one-minute break between the rounds. Taekwondo means ‘the path of feet and fists’, and it is equivalent to hitting and kicking that scores.

Each player’s goal is to score points by hitting and kicking the opponent’s torso or head, or win by knockout. You should hit with a straight punch technique using the knuckle part of your fist.

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