Park Hyunkyung Meets Her Fans With a Cute Smile

We plan to sign an exclusive contract with Spigen Korea’s fandom platform Festive and launch official fan products, said Park Hyun-kyung’s management company, Galaxia SM, on the 26th. 토토 This fan signing event was designed to increase communication with fans to commemorate Park Hyun-kyung’s fan product.

Controversy over a large misjudgment has erupted in the K League again. This time, neither the referee nor the VAR referee turned a blind eye to this scene even though he intentionally hit the opponent. Even the KFA answered with absurd explanations and no disciplinary action amid strong public anger in the soccer community. In other words, neither the player who assaulted the opponent nor the referee who just passed the scene take no responsibility.

The situation was like this. In the match between Ulsan Hyundai and Incheon United at Munsu Football Stadium in Ulsan on the 12th, Lee Kyu-sung Ulsan swung his right arm and knocked down Moon Ji-hwan in the third minute of the second half. It was not an inevitable scene from the ball race. Lee Kyu-sung looked at Moon Ji-hwan’s face accurately and swung his right arm nervously. Moon Ji-hwan also collapsed and complained of pain.

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