Heungkuk Life won the second Group B

Heungkuk Life won the second Group B match of the 2023 Gumi-Dodrakom Professional Volleyball Tournament against Supreme Chonburi Thailand at Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do, on the 1st. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which suffered a shut-out defeat by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in its first game, recorded its first victory in the tournament at the expense of Supreme.

The first contributor to the victory was outside heater Jung Yoon-joo, who entered his third year this year. 토토 Jung Yoon-joo, who started, scored 17 points, the most in both teams. The attack success rate was 46.9%, and he used his unique strength and elasticity to serve as a practical ace. Even though she was a female player, she scored as many as five points with a back attack. As a player who played in the All-Star Game serve match, he also scored two points on serve. In the absence of Kim Yeon-kyung, he led the team’s attack and impressed Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Avon Terminal. Coach Avon Terminal was very happy and satisfied whenever Jung Yoon-joo succeeded in a back attack.

Veteran outside hitter Kim Mi-yeon also scored 15 points, and left-hander Park Hyun-joo, who played as an apogit spiker, also shared 13 points. Lee Joo-ah, Byun Ji-soo, and two middle blockers were responsible for nine and eight points, respectively, filling Kim Soo-ji’s gap well. Setter Kim Da-sol showed various patterns of attacks by using left, right, rear, and center evenly, although there were ups and downs in the toss.

Heungkuk Life took the lead from the first set, but struggled with Supreme’s pursuit. In the 19-19 tie, Do Soo-bin escaped the crisis with persistent defense and led by one point again as the opponent’s error came out. Since then, Jung Yoon-joo’s serve ace and back attack have been tied to run 22-19 to win the game. Heungkuk Life finished the set with Kim Mi-yeon’s open attack, Lee Joo-ah’s swift attack, and a serve ace.

Heungkuk Life’s pace was also in the second set. Until the beginning, they faced off 10-9, but added Jung Yoon-joo’s open attack and Lee Joo-ah’s swift attack to run away by three points. After that, the difference was quickly widened. In the second set alone, Jung Yoon-joo scored seven points, Kim Mi-yeon scored five points, and Lee Joo-ah, Byun Ji-soo and Park Hyun-joo shared four points side by side.

The third set was a little easier. Heungkuk Life Insurance, with its strong serve at the forefront, continued to shake Supreme’s receiving line, and as in the first and second sets, several players shared points and led the game. After passing the middle of the set, the score gap widened to 19-9 10 points. In fact, Heungkuk Life Insurance seemed to take the lead. The game ended with Heungkuk Life’s shutout victory without any unexpected changes.

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