He Played in a Special Uniform Designed By Lee Kang-in

Lee Kang-in started in a practice game on the 22nd of last month, but played 43 minutes and was replaced because he felt uncomfortable with his right hamstring. Since then, Lee Kang-in has been absent from all three Asian Tour matches in Japan. Lee Kang-in focused on rehabilitation to play in Korea.

Lee Kang-in, who started from the bench against Jeonbuk, was substituted in the 24th minute of the second half and played about 20 minutes. 토토사이트링크 This was the first time that Lee Kang-in and Neymar worked together in an official match since joining PSG. The two players showed off their fantastic chemistry and made them look forward to the season.

After the game, Lee Kang-in said, Thank you for your interest. Thank you to the fans who came to the stadium today in the hot weather. As always, I’ll show you the best of me every moment. I will prove that Korean soccer has developed a lot, and there are many good players, he thanked home fans.

On this day, the PSG team, including Lee Kang-in, played in special uniforms. PSG wore a special uniform designed in collaboration with GD’s brand Peace Minus One. Daisy flower, a symbol of Peace Minus One, which means peace and hope, was drawn on the back number. The nickname icicest Busan here in Busan was also inserted.

GD released a photo of him meeting Lee Kang-in on social media in Osaka, Japan, on the 26th of last month. Lee Kang-in has been known as a fan of GD since his days as Shootdori. PSG posted a photo of the two, saying, I hope to see you again in Busan. GD also continued to have a good relationship with Lee Kang-in in Busan, watching the game.

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