Quebec Wins First Lotto 6/49 Gold Ball

Just over a month after the launch of the new and improved Lotto 6/49, the new game has already awarded millions of dollars to one lucky ticket holder. Local lotteries confirmed that the Oct. 29 draw for the game sold tickets worth C$36 million to a Quebec player. 바카라사이트 The lucky recipient will have up to 52 weeks to claim the gold ball.

In September, Lotto 6/49 made some changes to fans’ favorite lottery-based games. The new version comes with two major prizes of millions. The first is a guaranteed prize of CA$5 million given every draw, and the other is also a gold ball that offers guaranteed cash prizes, but it could start at CA$10 million and exceed the huge amount of CA$60 million.

In the new version of Lotto 6/49, it didn’t take long for the lottery player to cash in big money. According to PlayNow of the British Columbia Lottery Company, tickets for the gold ball jackpot were sold on October 29. According to the platform, winners reside in Quebec, where they can earn money for up to 52 weeks on a windfall of CA$36 million.

Just recently, the state of Lotto Quebec reported a major win. The Crown reports that Wilson Antonio Rodriguez Perez took home $1 million worth of Max Million prize money in the lottery on October 7. The winner got a life-changing ticket online on Crown’s official website and had a hard time counting all the zeros of the winning tickets.

Meanwhile, another popular game in the country, Lotto Max, couldn’t find a winner with the prize money. On Friday, the game’s main prize money was C$55 million. However, since there were no winners, the prize money for the next draw on November 1 will be bigger and it will now be C$60 million.

In addition to the $60 million prize money, players can participate in the draw for a chance to win one of the Max Million Awards. Each comes at a convenient price of C$1 million, with a total of eight draws for Tuesday’s next draw. Lotto Max is drawn every Tuesday and Friday, and tickets are available until 9:30 p.m. EST.

In October, the country saw another major Lotto Max cash out as a prize worth C$70 million was won by an Albertan ticket holder. The winner lives somewhere in Calgary, and everyone has to double check their Lotto Max tickets for the Oct. 21 draw. Prior to the win, the main prize survived a total of 20 draws.

Earlier this year, there was one more case of winning a Canadian $70 million jackpot through Lotto Max. The winner this time is Marcel Lucier from Brossard on the south coast of Montreal. He wants to help entrepreneurs rebuild Ukraine and spend enough vacation abroad.

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