Rimrock Casino Makes Good Use of Found Money

Many gamblers who visited Limlock Casino in Port Albany, B.C., probably forgot or lost their change or lottery tickets at the place. However, it was not thrown away as trash. 슬롯머신 The casino collects forgotten change and slips as donations, and thanks to guests, it will now donate thousands of dollars to local charities.

It is the first time in three years that a casino previously known as Chance Casino Limlock has done this. This is because, like other British Columbia game properties, it had to suspend operations in March 2020 before resuming in July 2021. And finally enough money was accumulated to donate to the community.

Cheryl Taylor, shift manager at Port Albany Game Amenities, discussed how many customers withdraw cash with the remaining money and leave it at the venue. According to her, casinos accumulate slips left by players to the extent that the amount amounts to thousands of Canadian dollars. The latest part of it will be donated and divided into three organizations.

Mr. Taylor said that sometimes players forget tito tickets or change on the floor and they are collected in large buckets and donated. They call the cash a pile of found money donation. Now, the casino has donated the money to three Albany Valley charities: the Abbeyfield House, the Salvation Army, and the Kiwanis Hilton Children’s Center.

Some of Abbeyfield House’s substantial contributions are over CA$3,600. According to Rosemarie Buchanan, the organization’s director, the money is likely to be used for projects proposed by local residents. Marjorie Jarrett, who is also a director, said the fund would be useful for the development of residents’ activities.

Meanwhile, the Kiwanis Hilton Children’s Center received C$1,730 to be used for maintenance and maintenance of the children’s center. The money will be used to replace the floor on the porch, said Julie Spencer, executive director of the Hilton Center and the Albany Valley Conservation Society. And finally, the Salvation Army received some of this money, but the amount was not disclosed.

In general, many charities and organizations, even the city, rely on gambling funds to support their operations. For example, recently, Vancouver Island-based casino Nanaimo reported that its flagship PROD program allowed it to provide more than CA$3.6 million in support to more than 126 non-profit organizations in 2018 alone.

Chance Casino Avertzford is also a proud supporter of many local businesses and organizations. One of the many examples of this is back in 2019, when casinos held food bank fundraisers. This was the eighth annual event from the property, and provided significant support to the Archway Food Bank in Abertsford. It even beat expectations, breaking the previous record for cumulative earnings.

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