You Can Transferred To London Team To London

Britain’s Daily Mail said on the 22nd, Tottenham is considering disposing of Dyer to Fulham. 스포츠토토핫 Dyer has been excluded from the list for two consecutive games since the opening of the 2023-24 season, he said. It is calculated that it is beneficial for the club to transfer him this time because he has only one year left in his contract with Dyer.

Dyer completely lost his position when Anje Postecoglou was appointed as Tottenham’s head coach. He was also excluded from the appointment of a new captain. Tottenham left Son Heung-min as the captain, and appointed James Madison and Christian Romero as vice captains, he added.

Tottenham are in for a period of upheaval. Former captain Hugo Lloris was virtually classified as an out-of-power player and left the team. It’s the stage of recognizing the new team. Because of this, he did not accompany the summer pre-season tour. Harry Kane moved to Bayern Munich, Germany.

Therefore, a new captain must be appointed, and coach Postecoglou filled Son Heung-min with the captain’s armband. Regarding the reason, he explained, Son Heung-min is close to all Tottenham members, has excellent leadership and is exemplary. Son Heung-min is the second South Korean Premier League captain since Park Ji-sung.

Dyer seems disappointed. As soon as Tottenham announced its new captain, it unfollowed Tottenham’s club social media SNS and followed it again after being pointed out by fans. Having played for Tottenham for 10 years, he may have been disappointed that he was not in the captain’s squad. For your information, Deputy Captain Madison is a player who has just moved to Tottenham.

The number of years of service is of little importance. Dyer was already being criticized for his declining skills. Dyer was at the center of it last season when Tottenham’s defense made a mistake every game. Representatively, Dyer played as a starter on the day of the 1-6 catastrophe in the away game of Newcastle.

The team looking to recruit Dyer is Fulham. Fulham are a London team that was promoted from the second division (Championship) to the first division (Premier League) ahead of the 2022-23 Season. In his first year of promotion, he performed well, ranking 10th. Investment is also fruitful. Adama Traore and Raul Jimenez were signed from Wolverhampton this summer.

However, Fulham’s plan to recruit Dyer has a prerequisite. Existing defender Toshin Adaravioyo should be sent to another team. Just in time, French Ligue 1 AS Monaco wants to recruit Adaravio. AS Monaco has been seeking to recruit Adaravioyo since the beginning of the summer transfer market. There is about a week left before the summer transfer window closes.

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