KIA Choi Ji-min, Jung Hae-young, The Holy Land of Resurrection

After graduating from Daegu High School in 2001, he was nominated by the Hyundai Unicorns as the third-highest rookie draft player, but he decided that he would not have a place even if he went to the professional league not long after changing his position from shortstop to pitcher. 토토

Go to Yeungnam University, improve your skills, and join the professional team. As it turned out later, a major league offer came when I was in my second and fourth grades of college, but I refused.

After graduating like that, he joined the professional team, but shortly afterwards, the team disbanded and joined the National Police Agency to solve military problems. Son Seung-rak said that this was one of the hard times in his baseball life.

After finishing his service, he returned to the team and changed his position to the finish that made him what he is now.

Son Seung-rak, who made his name known as the league save king in his first year as a closer in 2010, made 26 saves and played 10 seasons without injury until the 2019 season, and made more than 20 saves every year except in 2011 and 2019.

He retired from Lotte in 2019 after winning four saves, and his career save record so far is 271, ranking second in KBO history. Oh Seung-hwan 386 as of August 10, who is still active, is still active. In a way, he is the best closer in the league, hidden by Oh Seung-hwan of the same age.

After retirement, he received a leadership training at the LA Dodgers with the help of then commentator Heo Gu-yeon currently KBO President. Even when I was active, I had a relationship where I officiated at the wedding, but I received this help even after my retirement. Of course, it is said that the schedule was a little twisted due to the COVID-19 that the world suffered at that time.

In the meantime, I was asked by KIA to join me as a power-building coordinator
Originally, I was going to take a longer class in the U.S., but I came back to Korea earlier than planned due to KIA’s proposal.

Last year, KIA Tigers introduced Hawk Eye, the first tracking equipment used in Major League Baseball in Korea.

Son Seung-rak started working as a coordinator for the Hawkeye system, and his final goal is to transplant the same system as LA Dodgers Farm to Korea. We are making various attempts, such as incorporating the driveline system, an American baseball academy. It is said that Korea also hopes that there will be many pitchers who throw 160km/h like Japan.

Currently, Son Seung-rak’s influence in KIA is enormous, but it is called the Acceptance Academy or Seung-rak School among fans. The nickname “school” fits quite well because it is known that he actually had good grades in college, but he was passionate about studying as well as well as in studying.

As a one-shot subject, it is to save players with low speed or low speed, and once you go to the Seungrak Academy, the pitcher changes 180 degrees and returns. Examples include Choi Ji-min, Kwak Do-kyu, and Jung Hae-young, and there are many pitchers who spray light-speed pitches in the second division, including Song Hu-seop and Lee Tae-kyu.

Many people are expected to be curious about the secret of rising speed, and the answer was found in an interview with the Dong-A Ilbo in July. It’s called muscle strengthening. In Korea, they advise you to change the form of technology when your skills are low, but in the United States, you first check the most basic muscle strength.

This is something I realized while I was training in the U.S. Therefore, it analyzes the muscle conditions of the players who came to the second division due to their poor skills and decides in various ways with the coaching staff.

The closest example is Jung Hae-young, who mainly used hip muscles when his grades were good, but when he was sluggish, he was able to regain his good appearance by diagnosing the cause and reinforcing hip muscles. KIA fans are also sending enthusiastic trust as the effect appears immediately.

In addition, in November last year, he was appointed as the manager of the KIA 2nd division from the coordinator, and he raised the KIA 2nd division, which was the lowest for two consecutive years, to the 3rd place. Asked by a reporter what he wanted to achieve as a leader as of August 10, he said, I want my juniors to play fun and happy baseball rather than fear baseball. I think this is the secret to my performance because each Futures League player teaches me customized training and the players follow me well.

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