Heavyweight Captain Ngannou vs Fury to Cover Earth’s Best Fist

We finally met. 사설토토 Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou 37, Cameron and WBC boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury 35, England will cover the best fist of the present era.

Ngannou and Fury will fight with boxing rules in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on the 29th. The championship belt is not on the line, but CBS Sports in the U.S. described the match as the biggest event of the year.

As such, the world’s eyes are on the boxing match between the two. Ngannou conquered the UFC heavyweight with a strong punch, and Fury took over the world boxing heavyweight. The match is expected to be a match to determine the strongest on Earth.

Ngannou recorded a 17-3 MMA record. Of the 17 victories, only one was won by decision. He wore the champion belt at the UFC, where the strong players gathered with heavy fists. Ngannou, who is 1m 93cm tall and weighs nearly 120kg, is a physical owner who stands out even among heavyweight players.

Fury also has a reputation for being a hard puncher. Fury, an undefeated 33 wins and 1 draw, boasts a heavy fist that would have recorded 24 KO wins. Fury solidified his image as eut” with two wins and one draw in three competitions against Deontay Wilder, who reigned as a heavyweight in boxing. Fury is the only person who gave Wilder a draw and defeat.

It is a silver cloth that is usually not pushed in physical conditions, but it becomes small in front of Fury. Fury is a heavyweight among heavyweights who are 2m6cm tall and weigh more than 120kg. He has excellent avoidance power even in a huge house, and he has a strong mentality to stand up and knock down his opponent even if he is down.

As this match takes place on Fury’s battlefield, the victory has been tilted to one side. According to CBS Sports, Ngannou’s win dividend is +750. This means that if you bet 100 won, you can win 750 won. Fury, on the other hand, has a winning dividend of -1400. In other words, they have to bet 1,400 won to win 100 won. Although the atmosphere has leaned toward Fury, fans are looking forward to Nganu’s “one shot,” which always silenced the opponent.

After his boxing match with Fury was confirmed, Ngannou said, I’ve been waiting to meet Tyson for the last three years. My dream was to be the best boxer. I’ll be the undisputed champion in this game. If I touch Tyson in the ring, he’ll fall asleep, he said with a brash ambition.

Ngannou will have the strongest punch in the world, Fury said. But let’s see how he reacts to my punch. I will show the world that I am the best fighter of the present time, he said confidently.

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