AGCO Expects To Hear From Stakeholders

Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission is now looking forward to hearing from state stakeholders about potential regulatory risks to the legally operating gaming market. 바카라사이트 Just this week, regulators published a discussion paper seeking to gather investor feedback on potential regulatory risks related to in-state public relations partnerships.

Most Ontario residents probably know that AGCO is a local agency regulating Ontario’s alcohol, gaming, horse racing, and personal cannabis retail sectors. In April 2022, the province opened a new online gaming market for private operators, which has been a hot topic for the past two months, overseen by regulators.

AGCO intends to gather input from local stakeholders through a recently published discussion paper. This paper is intended to gather input on the possibility of regulatory action by regulators to ban the creation of all physical venues, whether temporary or permanent, and the purpose of the venue is to promote or facilitate the promotion and deployment of betting companies.

Some of the newspaper’s questions to stakeholders include what kind of promotions or other offline activities that fall short of creating traditional retail gaming sites may cause concern or risk. If so, I have a question as to what risks these promotions or other activities may pose for the gaming sector, among others.

With the introduction of retail sportsbooks in the province, regulators seem to want to collect opinions on the possibility of a casino restaurant affiliated with sportsbooks. Industry stakeholders can submit their comments to the AGCO Engagement Portal, with a deadline of November 7, 2022.

As AGCO’s transition deadline approaches, the number of operators making legal transitions is increasing. It is set for October 31, 2022. Earlier this month, the agency said that illegal platforms are legalized in their jurisdictions and give them a deadline to join the regulated market. Otherwise, they could be punished for it.

AGCO and iGaming have been somewhat busy over the past few months, but regulators have been rewarded with tremendous efforts. Recently, the organization was honored with the Regulatory Excellence Award at the International Game Regulatory Society meeting for the first regulatory framework for online gaming in Ontario and Canada.

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