Lotto Max Jackpot Now C$65M

The draw for the nationwide Lotto Max game last Friday did not determine the winner of this life-changing jackpot, worth C$60 million. 온라인카지노 This week, the main prize will continue to find big winners as prize money now rises to a staggering 65 million Canadian dollars. The draw will be held on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

Lotto Max is a fairly popular lottery game across Canada through a lottery twice a week, and each year the game awards hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars to players. The prize money for the offer could reach C$70 million, and once it passes C$50 million, it awards several Max Million awards in a round.

In the draw last Friday, December 10, 2021, players had the opportunity to play for the Canadian $60 million Grand Jackpot. However, no one in the country guessed all seven winning numbers correctly. The next draw is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14, 2021, and will offer a much larger jackpot in the amount of C$65 million.

During last Friday’s raffle for many lottery enthusiasts’ favorite games, six Maxmillions prizes, each worth C$1 million, were also at stake. Three of them were taken by ticket holders in British Columbia, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. One of the prizes will be distributed to the two ticket holders. The next draw will offer a total of eight Maxmillions prizes.

This week, the Ontario Lottery and Games Company said a couple of McGregor’s have won $1 million in prize money for another popular lottery-based game, Lotto 6/49. The Nov. 27 draw gave the couple an early Christmas gift as Kimberly and Gary Noel look forward to a huge windfall.

After arriving at the OLG office and claiming a check, the winners shared that they were not typical enthusiastic lottery winners, but rather played occasional lottery tickets. Noel said she bought tickets online from on the night of the draw and found out in an email from OLG that she had won $1,000,000.

More news from OLG last week saw reports that ticket holders in Ontario received an impressive CA$8.8 million prize from Lotto 6/49 Lotto. The only details that have been revealed so far are that lucky ticket holders are somewhere in Mississauga and will be identified if they claim the winnings at the OLG Center.

Louis Montroy, from Brandon, Manitoba, also recently joined the Canadian Lottery Millionaires Club, which won CA$5 million in Lotto 6/49 Lotto. Mr. Montroy purchased the winning ticket at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar located at 1655 18th Street in Brandon, and his lucky numbers 10, 11, 18, 20, 35, and 48 were later drawn as winning positions on November 24.

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