Ronaldo Wins Arab Club Champions Cup + Top Scorer in Final Multi-Goal Game

Al-Nasr won the 2023 Arab Club Champions Cup final against Al-Hilal at King Fahd Stadium in Taip, Saudi Arabia, 2-1 thanks to Ronaldo’s multi-goal after a fierce battle to overtime on the 13th. 메이저 토토사이트

Founded in 1981, the Arab Club Champions Cup is a competition involving clubs from the Middle East and Africa, with 37 clubs competing in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Morocco and Algeria this year.

In the tournament, which began on the 27th of last month, Al-Nasr defeated Raja Casablanca Morocco and Al-Shorta Iraq, respectively, in the quarterfinals and semifinals, before meeting Al-Hilal, a member of the same Saudi professional league, in the final.

It was Al-Hilal who scored the first goal in a showdown between Saudi League No. 2 Al-Nasr and No. 3 Al-Hilal last season. In the 9th minute of the second half, Malcolm, who was recruited from Zenit this summer, finished the cross from the left corner of the penalty area with a header and scored first.

Al-Nasr, who gave up the first goal, was followed by unfavorable factors such as numerical inferiority. In the 26th minute of the second half, defender Abdullerah al-Amri was sent off for accumulated warnings, and Al-Nasr had to fight the remaining time with 10 players.

It was Ronaldo, a world-renowned soccer star, who saved Al-Nasr, who was on the verge of defeat. Ronaldo, who was rushing quickly to the front of the net in the 29th minute of the second half, hit a cross from Sultan Alganam from the right side with his right foot and scored a valuable equalizer with a shot that changed direction.

With the goal, Ronaldo scored five consecutive goals, including the group stage of the Arab Club Champions Cup. In the 39th minute of the second half, the scoring was activated again, but it was canceled due to an offside declaration, and Alnasr finished the second half 1-1 and went into extra time.

In the end, Ronaldo was the winner of the tight match. In the 7th minute of extra time, when Seko Popana’s right-footed shot near the left side of the penalty area hit the goalpost and popped out, Ronaldo immediately blew himself from the front of the goal and scored with a header.

Ronaldo, who scored a come-from-behind goal amid numerical inferiority, collided with his opponent in the 10th minute of extra time, fell, and complained of pain and was replaced off the ground in a cart. Al-Nasr won the championship by defending Ronaldo’s come-from-behind goal in the near future.

Fortunately, Ronaldo appeared with a bright face at the awards ceremony, avoiding major injuries. At the ceremony, Ronaldo scored six goals during the tournament with the trophy, earning him the top scorer in the Arab Club Champions Cup.

Thanks to Ronaldo’s strong performance, Al-Nasr succeeded in winning the Arab Club Champions Cup for the first time since the club’s foundation, further boosting the team’s mood ahead of the new season.

Legendary striker Ronaldo signed a two-year contract with Al Nasr last December. Ronaldo, who was unemployed by terminating his contract with Manchester United at the time, surprised fans as he headed to the Middle East, not Europe.

Ronaldo, who built a new nest in the Middle East, immediately showed why he was called a world-class striker. During the second half of the 2022/23 season, Ronaldo showed off his tremendous scoring ability, scoring 14 goals and two assists in 19 appearances in all competitions.

Despite Ronaldo’s performance, Al-Nasr unfortunately finished second last season and gave up the championship to Al-Ittihad. Saudi Arabian clubs, which failed to lead the team to the championship but saw the effect of recruiting Ronaldo, began recruiting a large number of star players this summer.

Many famous players, including Karim Benzema Al Itihad, Kalidou Koulibaly Al Hilal, and Roberto Firmino Al Ahli, have arrived in Saudi Arabia, further raising the level of the league. Al-Nasr also recruited Senegalese striker Sadio Mane, who played for Bayern Munich.

With a large influx of star players, the Saudi professional league is more expected next season, and Ronaldo showed that he has completed preparations for the season by leading Al-Nasr to the Arab Club Champions Cup title ahead of the season’s opening.

Al-Nasr will start the 2023/24 Saudi professional league at 3 a.m. on the 15th, leaving the Al-Etipark away game led by Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. Attention is focusing on whether Ronaldo will be able to get off to a good start by continuing the momentum of the Arab Club Champions Cup and enjoying a goal in the opening game.

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