BCLC is Now a Member of ULIS

This week, the British Columbia Lottery Company made another important announcement. Crown Company previously announced that it has become a member of the Sports Integrated Lottery, known as the Global Lottery Monitoring System. 우리카지노탑 BCLC is now the third Canadian corporation to join, after Lotto Quebec and the Ontario Lottery and Game Company.

BCLC is a state-run crown agency responsible for gambling and lottery entertainment for BC states, offering online gambling through Playnow Platform, the province’s only regulatory website, and helping gamblers play through an award-winning player protection program called Gamesense.

ULIS President Ludovico Calvi said the organization welcomed BCLC and was pleased to join it as a third Canadian Lottery member. He added that the Crown Corporation’s commitment to ESG, responsible gambling and community service is in line with the organization’s values and that the team is keen to work with BCLC to promote the integrity of the sport.

BCLC’s announcement of joining ULIS comes on the back of news that the Lithuanian Game Management Agency has also joined an extensive network of partners. It should also be mentioned that the organization was renamed the Global Lottery Monitoring System in October 2022 from the Sports Integrated Lottery after members voted unanimously in favour of the change.

According to a survey at the time, members of the organization thought that GLMS was no longer an accurate representation because it mainly meant monitoring services only. Beyond initial monitoring, the rebranding focused on the services the organization offers to its partners and reflected several developments, including new strategies.

Recently, BCLC launched a new campaign to promote responsible gambling among betters. In the new initiative, Crown compares everyday gamblers to professional sports players in an attempt to promote responsible gambling habits. It is part of the award-winning GameSense responsibility gambling program and was developed with the help of PS&Co branded studios.

The new initiative directly addresses the speed and social environment of sports betting across multiple channels and airs on TV, OLV, radio, digital and OOH. One of the two points compares a potential betting man to a football quarterback who is under a lot of pressure from a friend instead of an opponent’s team, and the other advises players to have a timeout like their favorite basketball team.

In early 2023, Crown Agency also announced a new partnership with Everly Holdings. Through this agreement, Land-based and online casino content providers have integrated innovative Everly Compliance anti-money laundering solutions that can be used for Crown Agency’s direct and digital activities.

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