Last Minute Charm Freeman Double Acuna Jr. 40-40

Money is not the reason why veteran players extend their active duty. This is because I want to retire after achieving milestone records. 토토사이트링크Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals had 200 wins this season and Jack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals had 3,000 strikeouts.

Wainwright rose to 200 wins against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 19th. All he has to do is retire after the season. Greinke may not make 3,000 strikeouts this year. As of the 22nd, it recorded 2,972. 28 is not enough. Strikeout is a record that can be done with one’s ability. Victory needs the help of a colleague. All 3,000 strikeout pitchers have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Wainwright or Greinke’s record could be possible if he stays on pitch for a long time without injury in the major leagues. But there are also records that cannot be broken. This includes Joe DiMaggio’s hits in 56 consecutive games and Kalipken Jr.’s appearance in 2632 consecutive games.

In addition, it is a very high altitude, so there are cases where the record is maintained for a long time. There is a player trying for both records at the end of the season. They are Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman and Atlanta Braves right fielder Ronald Acuna Jr.

Freeman has 60 doubles and Acuna Jr. has a 40-40 club homer – steal. Both records are tough. You can tell from the players who set this record in history. In the 149-year history of Major League Baseball, only six and four batters have made more than 60 doubles in a season. It turns out to be a tough record even in numbers.

Freeman now has 56 doubles. Acuna Jr. is 39 and it’s only a matter of time. In the game against the Washington Nationals on the 22nd, he added one steal and one hit in six at-bats without a home run. There are 68.

The last time he had more than 60 doubles in a season was in 1936. One player was produced from both leagues. St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Joe Medwick hit 64 and Dirtoyte Tigers Charlie Gueringer hit 60. No batter has hit 60 doubles in a season in 87 years. Freeman is going for it.

A double is the product of a typical mid-range hitter. Freeman has been showing off Slugger’s batting performance with 318 home runs over the past 14 years, but he is a mid-range hitter in style. There are many hits that divide the left and right middle with a swing style that extends from in to out.

More than 60 doubles are concentrated between 1926 and 1936. Another factor is that the stadium was larger than the current one. These days, the length of the left and right middle is shorter than before because the stadium was built mainly on home runs, so the number of doubles has been much reduced. George Kell Detroit Tigers 56 in 1950, John Olerud Toronto Blue Jays 54 in 1993, John McCray Kansas City Royals 53 in 1977, and Don Mattingly New York Yankees 53 in 1953 Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals followed.

It is interesting to see if Freeman can add four doubles in the remaining 11 games. The 40-40 Club is the best of the Hotajuns. Ironically the 40-40 club was created by drugs. The best of the Hotajuns was 30-30. Barry Bonds’ father Bobby Bonds is the original 30-30.

In 1922, Ken Williams of the st. Louis Browns now the Baltimore Orioles became the first batter of the 30-30 club with 39 home runs-37 steals. Then in 1956, Willie Mays of the New York Mets started the game 36-40, 30-30. Mays joined the 30-30 club for the second year in a row, Bobi Bonds five times and son Barry five times, including 40-40 as well. It is a symbolic family of the Hotajuns, who wrote 30-30 10 times by the rich.

The first protagonist of 40-40 was Jose Canseco of the Oakland Aces ‘Bash Bros.’ In 1988, he snapped a 40-40 tape with 42 home runs-40 steals. In 1996, S.F. Giants Barry Bonds became the second protagonist of the 40-40 club, equally 42-40. The third was Seattle Mariners Alex Rodriguez in 1998 to make it 42-46. The fourth came in 2006 when Alfonso Soriano of the Washington Nationals hit 46 home runs-41 steals.

Acuna Jr. becomes the star of the fifth 40-40 club in 17 years. It is significant in that it joins as a pure hitter, far from drugs. In addition, it is the first 40-60 club to join beyond 40-40. He has 68 stolen bases. If you increase the number of stolen bases, you can reach 40-70 clubs. The reason why Acuna Jr. stole a lot of bases was largely due to the expansion of the base this year.

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