Guerrero’s son tries MLB… It’s the best baseball family ever

The son of Vladimir Guerrero, who was inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame, is challenging to join the big league after his father. However, it is already the third time.

MLB.COM, the official website of MLB, said on the 16th (Korea time), “Metz signed an international amateur contract with Vladimigel Guerrero, the half-brother of Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (25), and the son of Guerrero, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

Guerrero is a slugger with a batting average of 0.318 (2,590 hits in 8,155 times at bat) in 2,147 games in MLB, 449 homers, 1,496 RBIs, 1328 runs scored, and 1.931 OPS (on-base plus slugging) with 181 steals. He has won nine All-Star awards including the 2004 American League MVP, and eight Silver Slugger awards. As a representative bad ball player in the league when he was a player, his nickname was “the monster.”

The monster’s DNA continued. Guerrero’s son, Guerrero Jr., is also leaving his mark in the big league. Having ranked first overall as a rising star, he debuted in Toronto in 2019 and has a batting average of 0.279 130 homers and 404 RBIs with 377 points and an OPS of 0.844 for five seasons. He has been named the All-Star for three consecutive years since 2021, and ranked second in the American League MVP in 2021.

Guerrero Jr. is not the only player among Guerrero’s sons. Pablo Guerrero, the younger brother of Guerrero Jr., signed a 100,000-dollar contract with the Texas Rangers last year. Miguel Guerrero has resumed his professional career in the U.S. this year.

“Migel Guerrero is expected to sign a contract for 117,000 U.S. dollars for an international amateurish contract,” MLB.COM said. “It is not surprising considering his ancestry, but his strength is his batting ability. He knows how to control the strike zone well even when he is young. He hit a big ball with a short swing in the left field, which impressed the scouts.” He also expected that he would take the role of left fielder or first baseman in the future.

Meanwhile, in addition to Guerrero, the Mets have recruited a number of international prospects, including catcher Yovani Rodriguez (6th in the MLB.COM international prospect ranking), shortstop Jensi Rivas (31st), outfielder Edward Rantigua (41st), and shortstop/midfielder Bohan Adderley.

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