Hwaseong City, which dreams of becoming an “independent baseball mecca,” will practice “life-changing hope” with baseball

This is the launch of Hwaseong City Mayor Chung Myung-geun, who officially announced the establishment of a citizen-centered independent baseball team on the 22nd. Mayor Chung said, “It is consistent with the municipal slogan of ‘Hope Hwaseong City that changes my life’ to help released young players continue their hopes without giving up their dreams.”

The official announcement of the launch was made at the “Hwaseong City Sports Council-Hwaseong City Coreyo Independent Baseball Team Business Agreement Ceremony” held at the lounge hall in Hwaseong Sports Town on the same day. Hwaseong City Sports Council explained, “With a population of 1 million, Hwaseong City, which is set to launch a special city in January 2025, will establish an independent baseball team.”

The team name “Hwasong City Corillo” was coined as an abbreviation of the first letter of “Korea Keratops Hwaseongensis” after the image of the character of Hwaseong City. It contains the will to actively promote the city brand marketing of Hwaseong City while establishing Hwaseong City as an independent baseball mecca by utilizing the existing characters of the city.

The team will be run under the leadership of Chung Jin-koo and Chung Bong-gyu. Chung, who heads the Gyeonggi Provincial Coordination Association, has close ties with baseball as he is an honorary ambassador of the KT Wiz baseball team and an outside director of KT Commerce. Chung, a former frontrunner of the Pacific and SK teams, served as the head of the business division of the pro baseball players’ association.

Jang Won-jin, who played as a player and coach for the Doosan Bears, will be the first head coach. Coach Jung Jae-bok, who served as a pitcher for the Nexen Heroes while working as an LG Twins pitcher, and coach Im Jin-soo, who started as a coach for the Seoul Heroes from the Pacific Dolphins, will be in charge of guiding the fielders.

Manager Jang Won-jin said, “As the new independent baseball team was created thanks to the city’s hostile support, we will actively engage in social contribution activities through talent donations for juvenile centers and child welfare facilities and baseball camps for youth baseball players in Hwaseong City.”

It is an excellent training facility that raises expectations. The stadium, where “Koriyo in Hwaseong” will be trained, was once used as a stadium for Nexen’s second division (Bibong Baseball Stadium). The stadium also has an indoor training facility, which is considered to be the largest among baseball teams, which offers high efficiency throughout the year.

Rumor has it that the rise of the city’s brand image and Mayor Chung Myung-geun’s interest and enthusiasm for baseball played a big role in the club’s founding. Usually, he has emphasized that it will be of great help not only to the city but also to expand the base of Korean baseball in order to give life-changing hope to players who go to independent baseball.

As a result, the Gyeonggi-do League of Independent Baseball in Korea has increased to eight teams with the addition of the Hwaseong City Coreyo Independent Baseball Team.” Hwaseong City Coreyo plans to participate in various competitions, including the formation of the Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Festival national team, the KBO Dream Cup Independent Baseball Tournament, and the KBSA League, based on participation in the Gyeonggi-do League.

It also conducts community contribution activities by linking with social baseball. The main goal is to provide technical guidance to social baseball teams in Hwaseong City, while selecting players who have passion for baseball from among social baseball players who were not professional baseball players and using them as players for independent baseball teams.

Coach Jang Won-jin said, “Thanks to the city’s active support, including the unconventional conditions of exempting membership fees for the entire team, players will be able to concentrate only on baseball without “fighting” such as part-time jobs,” adding, “We will do our best to help the players regain their lost dreams and watch it as a happy baseball beloved by Hoesung citizens.”

Meanwhile, more than 50 domestic and foreign guests, including Park Jong-sun, chairman of Hwaseong City Sports Council, Chung Jin-gu, head of Hwaseong City’s independent baseball team, Jang Won-jin, head of Hwaseong City Baseball Association Shin Hyun-mo, and Park Won-joon, secretary-general of the University Baseball Federation, attended the business agreement ceremony to celebrate the official launch of the new independent team.

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