What is Snell-Montgomery’s fate?

Cody Bellinger’s three-year, 80-million-dollar contract with Scott Boras, the world’s best player. Now, all that’s left are Blake Snell, 32, and Jordan Montgomery, 32.

Snell and Montgomery were expected to sign massive contracts ahead of the opening of the free agent market. However, they could not find a new team until March.

This is not working for Boras. Snell won the Cy Young Award, and Montgomery threw well on the postseason stage, but the contract is not working.
Snell rejected New York Yankees offer of 5-year – $150 million. Rumors say he wants a contract with well over $200 million.

However, chances are high that no team will pay Snell more than 200 million dollars. Snell is a Cy Young Award winner in both leagues, but he was just an ordinary pitcher for the rest of the season.

Montgomery also seems to be asking too much for her career. Montgomery will turn 32 in the new season. It is impossible to sign an ultra-long-term contract.

Their agents are Boras. Until now, Boras’ “survival” tactics have often resulted in success, putting the club’s desperate efforts to strengthen its players.

However, Boras has already lost one game in the FA market. Bellinger chose to return to the FA on Tuesday by signing a three-year-80 million-dollar contract with the Chicago Cubs.

Snell and Montgomery are also less and less likely to win the contract they want, even if they continue to endure. Major League Baseball contracts have grown in size, but they never spend money recklessly.

Snell and Montgomery failed to find a new team until the exhibition games began, and attention is focusing on whether Boras will surrender his white flag.

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