Will the temporary coach system of Park Hang-seo be established… Power Enhancement Committee meets 3rd meeting on the 27th

The Korea Football Association said on the 26th, “The meeting of the Power Enhancement Committee will be held at the soccer hall from 2 p.m. on the 27th,” adding, “We will hold a briefing when the results are released after the meeting.”

The Korea Football Association, which replaced Jürgen Klinsmann earlier, held the first meeting of the power reinforcement committee on the 21st, led by Jeong Hae-sung, the head of the power reinforcement committee, who replaced Michael Mueller, the former chairman of the power reinforcement committee. At the first meeting, the eight qualities needed for the new coach were announced.

The eight qualities were a manager’s tactical competence, an ability to nurture weak positions, a justification for his performance as a leader, a career with abundant experience in competitions, a communication ability to discuss soccer skills and philosophy with the Korea Football Association, leadership that will embrace the MZ generation, the ability to form the best coaches, and the ability to produce results when entrusted with trust and trust based on the above qualities. They agreed to find a coach who meets all of these conditions and establish a “official coach system” from the A-match in March.

However, the committee changed its direction to hold the “A Match” in March under the provisional leadership system at the second session. At the third session, the committee is expected to decide on who to appoint as the interim head coach.

Coach Park Hang-seo, who led the Vietnamese national team until recently, is considered a strong candidate. His advantage is that he knows a lot of information about Thailand, the opponent of the March A-match. Numerous K-League 1 coaches are expected to be excluded from the candidate list due to the opening of the K-League on March 1.

There is also a possibility that Hwang Sun-hong, the coach of the Korean Olympic team, will hold a temporary concurrent position. However, critics say that he is burdened by the fact that he has to play the 2024 Paris Olympics Asian Regional Qualifier and the 2024 Asian Football Confederation U-23 Asian Cup in Qatar in April.

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