“Otani’s wife, basketball player who modeled”… Which woman was released by the Japanese media?

Speculation is rampant about Shohei Ohtani (29, Los Angeles Dodgers), who surprised baseball fans around the world with the news of his marriage.
Ohtani stood in front of U.S. and Japanese reporters ahead of the spring camp training of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the U.S. professional baseball league at Glendale Camelback Ranch in Arizona on the 1st.

“My wife is a very ordinary Japanese. I can’t tell you the exact timing, but I found out three to four years ago and got engaged last year,” he said in an interview. “I wanted to announce the news of my marriage before the start of the regular season.”

He declined to comment on his wife’s personal information. As a result, various speculations are rampant about his wife’s identity, according to the Japanese media “News Post Seven.”

According to local media in Japan, the woman mentioned as Ohtani’s wife is a former Japanese women’s basketball player. She is 180 centimeters tall, started playing basketball in middle school, and graduated from a prestigious private university.

The media introduced that the woman has been active on the world stage and has experience as a model. “I retired last year and deleted my Instagram account,” he said.
Japanese netizens guessed that the woman was Mamiko Tanaka (28), a former Japanese women’s basketball player. Among the Q&A sections of Yahoo Japan, Japan’s biggest search website, the question “Who is Shohei Otani’s wedding partner?” ranks first to 10th in the most viewed professional baseball category. Many netizens left comments such as “Tanaka is the most likely person” and “Tanaka seems to be his wife.”

Tanaka has drawn attention as Ohtani’s wife because of a video of LA Dodgers spring camp training posted on a YouTube channel two weeks ago. Japanese netizens claimed that the woman in the video, titled “Witness! A mysterious beauty appears during Ohtani training camp!” looks similar to Tanaka.

Despite this interest, Ohtani kept quiet about his wife’s personal information.
Meanwhile, the news of the surprise wedding announced on social media (SNS) on the 29th (Korean time) of Ohtani became a big topic in Japan, his home country.

NHK, a public broadcaster, sent out a breaking news in a caption on the regular broadcast screen, saying, “Otani wedding announcement, the other person is a Japanese woman.”

“Korea was also surprised by Otani’s marriage, which is highly popular in Korea,” the Kyodo news agency in his motherland said. “The Yonhap news agency reported that Otani’s private life was rarely disclosed. Although rumors of their romantic relationship were raised, all of them turned out to be unfounded.” It also became a big issue in Japan.

Ohtani received worldwide attention by signing a 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract with the Dodgers, the largest in the world’s sports history.

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