AGCO’s CEO to Leave the Gambling Regulator

Most recently, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has issued an important announcement that its Chief Executive Officer will depart this year. As a long-term servant to the regulator, Tom Mungham is set to retire this fall. But until then, he will remain as CEO and registrar until AGCO finds a suitable replacement.

Mr. Mungham is a man of rich experience as his arrival as the regulator can be dated back to 2006 when he joined as director of licensing in registration. After long years of impeccable service, he then become CEO and registrar in 2020 and has had a major part in the further development of Ontario’s gambling industry.

Rewinding the Years

During his term as CEO, Mr. Mungham was in charge of a series of major initiatives in the province. This includes the launch and development of Ontario’s regulated iGaming market, which opened in April 2022. The province’s open market for third-party operators and suppliers is the first of its kind in the country and has already accommodated more than 50 operators.

Before his reign at the AGCO, Mr. Mungham was employed in the Ministries of Correctional Services and Solicitor General before transferring to the Ontario Provincial Police. There he served in important positions such as chief financial officer and commander of business and financial services. Then in 2006, he arrived at the gaming regulator where he spent 17 years.

Chair of the AGCO, Lalit Aggarwal thanked Mr. Mungham for his 17 years of service, and for his exceptional leadership as CEO and registrar. On behalf of the commission, he also expressed their most profound appreciation for his guidance in delivering AGCO’s mandate with an unshakable commitment to the value of integrity, respect, accountability and interest.

In addition to that, Mr. Aggarwal wished the very best of luck to the CEO for his next well-deserved chapter. Lastly, he shared that the board of directors is now kick-started a search process for a suitable replacement. He said that the has engaged an executive search firm to support this undertaking, thus ensuring a thorough and professional search for a successor.

Latest on the Sector

As a vigilant protector of the iGaming market, recently, AGCO shared its intentions of taking further actions against the illegal operators that still run in the province. iGaming Ontario that wants to license more operators and thus drive more economic benefit for the jurisdiction, as currently, illegal operators take the money out of the province.

After the introduction of the lawful sector, AGCO gave operators a transitional period to apply for a license and make the switch. October 31, 2022, was set as the official deadline for private brands. The regulator warned that those who fail to comply with the new standards were required to cease unregulated activities and risk getting their future application rejected.

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