Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su lead the stabilization of KIA’s home turf

The boundaries of the main players have become blurred.

KIA Tigers is leading the league with 14 wins and 4 losses (0.778) until the 15th. Thanks to the powerful pitching and batting balance, it was considered a candidate for the championship even before the opening, but with unexpected power support, the lead Mercury began to gain momentum in the early stages.

Catchers are contributing more power than expected. Kim Tae-gun (35) and Han Jun-su (25) are easing manager Lee Bum-ho’s concerns through competition in good faith.

A catcher is a position that greatly affects both ball and number. For this reason, he is considered to be the “commander on the ground.” Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su are showing strong performance not only in defense but also in attack, and are leading the team’s upward movement.

Veteran Kim Tae-gun has a batting average of 0.290 (nine hits from 31 times at bat), two homers, six RBIs and four runs scored in 12 games this season. Han Jun-su has a batting average of 0.393 (11 hits from 28 times at bat), six RBIs and six runs scored in 11 games. Thanks to their skillful leadership in pitching staff, they are also No. 1 in Kia’s earned run average (ERA) in the league with 2.87. They are truly the best performers in both ball and water.

The interesting part is the number of games played by the two catchers. There is a difference in innings, but there is only one game difference in the number of games. Initially, Kim Tae-gun was expected to take the main role and Han Jun-su would back up as a backup, but Han Jun-su’s rise is even scarier based on the recent situation.

“It’s very comfortable because the two players play three games apiece from side to side. Han has been especially good lately. You can tell that he is a smart catcher just by looking at the pitcher’s lead,” Lee said.

As Lee said, right-handed hitters Kim Tae-gun and left-handed hitters Han Jun-su are alternately listed on the starting lineup depending on opposing starting pitchers. They are exchanging help in their physical arrangements. Not only that, but they also ease the manager’s concerns about operation in the second half of the game. As the two catchers can play as substitute batters or defense appropriately, they are also a good replacement card. Kia has been enjoying a successful run, solidly building its home ground capability, which is the most important factor in a long-term race, from the beginning of the season.c

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