Kim Taehyung’s pick. Is it a great move

Overshadowed by Hwang Sung-bin’s Day, Son Ho-young also played well. Lotte Giants’ bold trade is hinting at the possibility of success.

Lotte had one win and one draw at a doubleheader against the KT Wiz held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Sunday. It would have been better if it had won two games, but it was important that the team was able to play in the second game with a feeling of winning as it ended the game tied at six points behind in the first round.

In the bottom of the seventh inning of Game 1, Son Ho-young contributed six points to the big innings. He displayed a three-run shot in a decisive chase, bringing the game’s momentum to Lotte.

Game 2 also hit an important RBI pretty guitar in the eighth inning. Considering that KT followed 5-7, it was a timely hit.

Son Ho-young was chosen by manager Kim Tae-hyung himself. Due to the injury of third baseman Han Dong-hee and the absence of a solid second baseman, Kim himself started the trade. When the team gave up 150 kilometers of side arm to LG, the prevailing view was that it was a trade that caused Lotte to lose money. As such, the team made it known to the world that the situation was urgent.

However, a trade deal requires opening the lid to see who is the winner. After moving, he had a batting average of 317 percent and 11 RBIs in April. He had a finishing hit at the game against the Hanwha Eagles, his second game after moving to the club, to block his opponent’s eight consecutive wins. He also had his first homerun at the game against KT. Lotte’s central lineup is slightly inferior, but if Son Ho-young solidly solves the problem at the fifth and sixth positions, he may not be far behind compared to other teams’ lineup.

Sohn Ho-young said, “Coaches Kim Joo-chan and Lim Hoon are good at balancing batting. They helped me hit strikes actively without missing them. And manager Kim Tae-hyung gives me advice one by one before entering the batter’s box. I think these things have piled up and resulted in good results.”

Son hoyoung moves back and forth between second and third bases. He often switches positions during games. Thanks to Son, he is able to proactively stage pinch-hitters and other activities. Son said, “I am learning a lot from Coach Kim Min-ho about defense. I also ask Kim a lot about third-base defense. He has taught me since I was at LG. Thanks to Min-sung, I have improved my defense skills a lot.”

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