The strategy of KCC Jeon Chang-jin, a veteran coach who created a mega super team

Following the playoff, KCC is showing off their solid performance in the championship game. They laughed in the hand-to-hand fight with KT from the first round. Jeon pulled out a drop zone defense card to Lee Ho-hyun’s injury, which was effective. “Lee Ho-hyun injured his ankle during practice, so we prepared for the drop zone defense,” Jeon said. “What’s important is how the situation unfolds in the second quarter (with KT’s Michael Eric coming out). My goal is to quickly resolve the situation and allow (Paris) to have a (paris) bath. If Eric comes out, I will play in the drop zone for the first time in the playoffs.”

As coach Jeon planned, Eric did not play much in the second quarter, and Bath was put back in immediately. While Bath played a lot and slowed down in the second half, KCC took the lead in the third quarter and drove in a complete victory.

The strategy focused on reducing scores of other Korean players, including KT Paris Bath and Hur Hoon, was also effective. In the first round match of the championship, none other than Bath and Hur Hoon scored in double digits. On the other hand, KCC players performed evenly with five players scoring in double digits.

KCC has not been able to present itself as a “super team” in the regular league. Due to players’ injury, players with unique characteristics and the coach Jeon’s harmony failed to be achieved. However, as the players united to win the championship and the game went as planned, “superstars” are also focusing on the game, trusting the coach. This is why the team became a “mega super team.”

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