Working with a generational shift in middle blockers!

The women’s GS Caltex in the V-League had agonizing issues due to poor middle blockers (centers) throughout the last season. After the end of the season, the team appointed Lee Young-taek, 47, an expert in fostering middle blockers, as well as developed strategies in the free agent market.

Last season, GS Caltex had a roller coaster ride in the 1st to 4th rounds (43 points, 15 wins, 9 losses) and the 5th to 6th rounds (8 points, 3 wins, 9 losses). In the end, it fell to the 4th place (51 points, 18 wins, 18 losses) and failed to participate in the “spring volleyball tournament.” Low height was cited as the cause of the fall. Middle blockers’ poor performance was regrettable, as they ranked among the lowest in both blocking per set (7th, 1.67) and fastball success rate (5th, 43.07 percent).

Jung Dae-young (43), Han Su-ji (36), civilization (29), Oh Se-yeon (22), and Yoon Gyeol (21) formed a middle blocker team, but civilization did not do its part due to injury, and Yoon Gyeol did not contribute to the team’s strength due to a large gap in skills with the main players. In the end, he even mobilized a desperate measure to turn outside heater (left) Kwon Min-ji (23) into a middle blocker, but overall competitiveness fell short of other teams.

In addition, after the end of the season, Jung Dae-young and Han Su-ji retired, creating a bigger hole in the middle blocker position. While outside heaters Kang So-hwi (27, Korea Expressway Corporation) and Libero Han Da-hye (29, Pepper Savings Bank) were transferred as free agents, concerns over next season grew as they failed to catch FA middle blockers Park Eun-jin (25, Chung Kwan-jang) and Lee Joo-ah (24, IBK Industrial Bank), who were originally eligible for recruitment.

However, GS Caltex has not given up on strengthening middle blockers. It has named Choi Ga-eun (23) and Seo Chae-won (21) as compensation players for Kang So-hwi and Han Da-hye, respectively. Expectations are high as they are all young middle blockers with potential. In particular, Choi Ga-eun and Kim Se-bin from her former team have been given the opportunity to leap forward while struggling to become the starting players, which is highly motivating. It is curious how Lee, a former middle blocker, will change the generation of middle blockers at GS Caltex.

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