Women’s volleyball VNL has ended 30 consecutive losses

South Korea, ranked 42nd in the world led by Fernando Morales, won a set score 3-1 (25-19 23-25 25-16 25-17) against Thailand, ranked 13th in the world, at Maracaranginho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 20th (Korea time).

As a result, Korea has secured its first win after three consecutive losses in this tournament. In addition, it has successfully escaped the mire of 30 consecutive losses in VNL, which has continued since 2021.

Starting with three consecutive losses in 2021, Korea suffered 12 consecutive losses in 2022 and 2023 without a point. On top of that, Korea added three consecutive losses this year to fill its 30th consecutive loss, finally recording a valuable victory.

The last time the national team won in the VNL was against Canada on June 15, 2021. At that time, the head coach was Stefano Lavarini, and it was when Kim Yeon-koung and Yang Hyo-jin were playing for the national team. Korea recorded 3 wins and 12 losses in the VNL in 2021.

Since then, South Korea, which began a generational shift with the retirement of the main players of the national team, including Kim Yeon-kyung and Yang Hyo-jin, has had a difficult time over the past two years, enjoying the joy of victory in two years and 11 months.

Morales, who took office in March, also raised expectations by reporting his first win in four games after taking the helm of the Korean national team.

Korea’s ace Kang So-hwi led the attack with 22 points, the most between the two teams, while Park Jung-ah and Jung Ji-yoon both scored 16 points. Middle blockers Lee Ju-ah and Lee Da-hyun also scored 11 and 8 points.

Korea gained momentum from the beginning of the first set. Park Jung-ah’s attack and Lee Da-hyun’s central score allowed them to take the lead by two points. Afterwards, Kang So-hwi and Jung Ji-yoon continued to gain momentum and widened the gap by taking advantage of Thailand’s mistakes at the 20-17 match. At the 24-19 match, Jung finished the set by attacking from behind.

South Korea, which lost the second set 23-25 after a close game, secured the third set, a watershed moment for the team’s victory. Jung Ji-yoon took the lead by blocking and scoring serve from the beginning, and the gap widened due to overlapping opponent team errors. Korea was once ahead by 10 points with Lee Ju-ah’s attack in the center, and easily won the match, 25-16.

Korea, which gained momentum, wrapped up the match in the fourth set. The triangle formation of Kang So-hwi, Park Jung-ah, and Jung Ji-yoon were still in force, widening the gap in the early stages and losing their opponents’ spirit. “Captain” Park Jung-ah scored the last point at 24-17, confirming Korea’s victory.

After finishing its first week of play, the Korean team will move to Arlington, Texas, the U.S., and start its second week of play on June 30. The first opponent of the second week will be Bulgaria (on June 30), and after that, the team will meet Poland (on June 31), Turkiye (on June 2) and Canada (on June 3).

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