Angels and season-ending plans LAA Otani repaid with romantic baseball

Otani Shohei, 29, and his team Angels gave each other meaningful gifts. The team strengthened its strength to make Otani’s dream come true, and Otani immediately presented fantastic cartoon baseball and gave the team a winning streak.

The Angels started trading with the Chicago White Sox on the 27th (Korea Standard Time). In a 2-2 trade, the Angels acquired pitchers Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez. On the contrary, he sent the team’s second to third-place promising catcher Edgar Cuero and pitcher Kyle Busch to the White Sox.

There is only one reason why the Angels strengthened the team by giving up two key prospects in the team at once. It is to advance to the postseason and at the same time to realize Otani’s dream.

Otani made his big league debut for the Angels in 2018. Otani, who stood out in both pitchers and batters, was active every day, but had no connection with autumn baseball. Despite Otani’s leadership, the team had to end the season early, moving from the bottom every year.

So six years have passed, and 2023, which is important for both the Angels and Otani, has dawned. Otani will qualify as a free agent after the end of this season. It can negotiate with all 29 remaining clubs, including the original team Angels. Therefore, even if Otani does not stay and moves to a new team, there is nothing strange. In addition, rumors of a steady transfer have been raised with strong teams such as the LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees, who can challenge for the presidency because Otani has consistently wanted to win (win).

The Angels also declared no trade for Otani at first, but the atmosphere gradually changed over the season. Some said that if Otani cannot be caught after the season, he should strengthen his power by exchanging key prospects for other clubs.

Several speculations were poured into Otani’s future, but the Angels’ final judgment was that Otani could not be sold. And he immediately gave up key prospects and reinforced the team. I can’t guarantee to advance to the postseason, but I felt a willingness to pour out all my strength to the end. 토토

A day later (28th), Otani repaid the effort. Otani led the Detroit Tigers to a 6-0 victory with one hit, three walks, eight strikeouts and no runs in nine innings in a doubleheader game.

In the two double-header games that took place immediately, he helped the team win 11-4 with two hits (two home runs) and two RBIs in three at-bats, including multiple home runs. Otani is the first player in Major League Baseball history to win a shutout in one doubleheader game and hit multiple shots in two games. Like Ohtani, a pitching and hitting star, he expressed his gratitude to the team in the best way on the field.

After the game, Otani said in an interview with local reporters, including sports media “The Athletic,” “From the beginning, my plan was to finish the season with the Angels. Everyone talks about trade, but mentally nothing changes. “(I) will focus on this team making the playoffs,” he said.

The deadline for major league trade is the 1st of next month. There are still many rumors, but Otani and the Angels will continue to accompany them. Will Otani and the Angels, who are in harmony, be able to achieve their goal of advancing to the postseason.

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