Respectable player Otani became the first man in Major

Otani started as the second batter in Game 1 of the 2023 Major League Detroit Tigers at Comerica Field in Detroit, Michigan on the 28th and won his first shutout with one hit, three walks, eight strikeouts, and a perfect pitch in nine innings. He has 111 pitches. It’s a personal most tie. The season’s ERA fell from 3.71 to 3.43. 토토

Otani’s pitch was flawless. It was a perfect pitch until the fourth inning. In the fifth inning, a hit by leadoff hitter Kerry Carpenter broke the perfect march, but he did not falter and threw 111 pitches until the ninth inning to complete the shutout. It was a pity that he didn’t achieve a no-hit no-run.

Otani won his ninth win (5 losses) of the season as the Angels won the first game 6-0. Ohtani, who has been shaken by five runs in the last three consecutive games, made a perfect comeback on the day and lowered his ERA from 3.71 to 3.43. As a batter, he had no hits and two strikeouts in five at-bats.

However, he played a big role as a batter in the second game. Otani, who started as the second designated hitter, hit a home run in the second inning with two outs and a runner on first base with his team leading 3-0. After a full count match with opposing starter Matt Manning, he hit a 94.2 mile fastball in the seventh pitch and crossed the left fence. This is the 37th arch of the season. A 25-degree launch angle came out, and the batting speed was 107.6 miles (about 173 kilometers). The distance was 383 feet.

Otani’s bat didn’t rest. He also drew an arch in his third at-bat. Otani, who entered the batter’s box with two outs in the top of the fourth inning with his team leading 6-2, pulled Manning’s fifth ball 94.8 miles (about 152.5km) four-seam fastball over the right-center fence at the ball count 3-1. It was a bullet-like home run with a batting speed of 116.9 miles (188 kilometers) and a distance of 435 feet (133 meters). The 38th edition of the season.

That’s it for Otani. He was replaced by pinch hitter Michael Stefanik in the top of the seventh inning with his team leading 8-2. He was caught on the broadcast screen holding his left waist when he hit a home run in the previous at-bat and turned the base. A small injury came. “I was replaced because I had a cramp,” the Angels explained.

Ohtani recorded two hits (two home runs), three RBIs, one strikeout and two runs in three at-bats, including two home runs. With Otani’s performance, the Angels also won 11-4 and swept both doubleheaders. The Angels, who won four consecutive games, remained in third place in the American League East with 54 wins and 49 losses.

However, Otani is the first player to record a shutout victory and two home runs in a doubleheader. Compliments also followed. Detroit coach AJ Hinch showed awe, saying, “Ottani’s uniqueness deserves all the respect in the world.”

“Ottani is an incredible player,” teammate Hunter Renfro said. “I make a new record with amazing performances every day,” he said. “It’s fun to just look at him.” “I’m blessed to see Otani, the best player in baseball, every day,” he said with a big smile.

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