70 Million Canadian Dollars Lotto Max Jackpot Official No Winners

In June 2023, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation launched a provincial-wide investigation to find expiring Lotto Max winners worth C$70 million. 우리카지노탑 Unfortunately, this recognition effort came to nothing recently when the Crown declared that the Mega Jackpot remained officially unclaimed. The prize money will now be used for future draws for Lotto Max.

According to the provincial lottery law, lottery tickets sold through OLG authorized lottery terminals, such as Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49, are sold exactly one year after the date printed on the lottery, so all lottery tickets recorded as winning must be verified before the expiration of the validity period so that the winner can recover their winnings.

OLG’s recognition campaign is over, but there are still no winners for a mega prize worth C$7,000,000. Crown says it has reviewed nearly 2,700 individual claims in review. But it didn’t work. Currently, the C$70 million jackpot from the lottery Max draw on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 remains officially ownerless.

According to the crown organisation, paper tickets were sold at lottery outlets in Scarborough but were not confirmed on the ORG lottery terminals or offered to ORG before closing at 10:30 pm on June 28, 2023. Crown also says it has never verified a ticket through a self-service ticket searcher or the official OLG app.

Previously, Tony Beatonty, a spokesman for OLG, shared the case by telegram and I think it is very concerning that no winner has yet. He added that while Crown had numerous information about tickets, there was not much information about the winner because there was no surveillance video in the store. Now the jackpot is the largest unclaimed prize in the state’s history.

To prevent players from missing out on merchandise, OLG recommends signing a ticket when purchasing from a retailer. Individuals are also encouraged to keep their tickets in a safe and catchy location until draw time, and to check their tickets when they do not have a number. People who purchase tickets online will receive an automatic email from the OLG if they win.

In another story this week, Ontario police reported that a woman from North Bay will face criminal charges for winning the Lotto Max worth C$70 million. The OPP has explained that the 33-year-old will face criminal charges for filing a fake claim with the OLG, but it has not been confirmed whether it is the same prize money that recently expired.

The OPP says the woman will be charged with attempting to commit fraud worth more than C$5, and forging and firing counterfeit documents. Also, the woman is currently released from custody, but she is not out of the woods yet as she will appear in court later to hear the verdict from the judge.

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