OLG Presents Canadian Dollars 10 Cent Instant Life Luck With Luke Combs Ticket

The Ontario Lottery and Game Company recently unveiled a new lottery that offers a chance to win an intimate musical performance by country music star Luke Combs. 릴게임사이트 Branded CA$10 Instant Living Lucky with Luke Combs, the lottery features six top lotteries, a C$250,000 cash prize, and five trips to Nashville for a concert.

The new product is available in collaboration with the Atlas Experience, offering five fans the chance to watch Luke Combs live at Nashville’s Lyman Auditorium. Winners of the OLG Trip Package Award can also participate in a separate contest with other winners participating in the Living Lucky With Luke Combs lottery in North America to win a chance to win a $500,000 prize.

In the most recent press release, Nancy Kennedy, chief lottery and customer officer at OLG, said the Crown Company was excited to offer music fans the opportunity to attend Luke Combs concerts. He noted that prize opportunities are just one way to show OLG’s efforts to strengthen lottery prizes and offer new winning experiences to Ontario people.

OLG’s new CA$10 Instant Living Lucky With Luke Combs tickets will be available at retail stores in Ontario starting August 7, 2023. The tickets include six top lottery prizes of C$250,000 and a second chance contest to win one of five trips to Nashville for players who can watch the exclusive Luke Combs concert at Nashville’s Lyman Auditorium.

In addition, OLG noted that all second-chance contest entries must be submitted by October 13, 2023. More information about this is available on the OLG Living Lucky with Luke Combs Second Chance Contest website. The chance of winning depends on the number of entries received. However, the proposal is only available to Ontario people and is not accessible to individuals in other provinces.

The Crown explained that the winners of the Trip Package Prize will have the chance to win one of the two additional prizes through the second draw. The first prize is a windfall of US$10,000, offered at a cool one-fifth chance. The other prize, on the other hand, is offered with a VIP seat and a quarter chance of meeting and greeting experience at Luke Combs’ concert.

Just last week, the Crown Corporation said it will celebrate its 30th anniversary, “Winner! Gannant!” winton, with a special campaign. To that end, The Crown Corporation will release a new remix of Ontario-area artists Louder Luxury and Preston Pablo. The widely popular tone will now be filmed touring the state.

Also in July 2023, OLG entered into a new affiliated marketing partnership with Gateway Casino & Entertainment, which operates 14 land-based casinos across Ontario. As part of the collaboration, the operator will now promote OLG’s online slots, table games, live casinos and digital sportsbooks, PROLINE+, to customers at 14 game locations in the province on OLG.ca .

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