The Story of Falling Son Heung-min And Hwang Hee-chan Laughing Out Loud

However, due to tackles from both sides, Son Heung-min fell and could not get up even after scoring a goal, raising concerns of injury. 토토사이트링크 But what’s going on. Son Heung-min fell down I woke up smiling rather than looking in pain. Here’s a story of Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan, who burst into laughter when junior Hwang Hee-chan pulled his ear.

The South Korean men’s soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, won 6-0 in a warm-up match against Vietnam in October at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Gyeonggi Province at 8 p.m. on the 17th.

In the first six minutes, Lee Kang-in curled the right corner kick with his left foot and Kim Min-jae flew alone from the gate to take the first heading goal. In the 27th minute of the first half, Lee Jae-sung stabbed an exquisite left-footed through pass forward despite an unstable posture in the midfield, and Hwang Hee-chan, who ran to the left center of the box and received the ball, scored an additional goal with a left-footed shot.

In the 6th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min passed a 2-1 pass with Lee Jae-sung in the center and right-footed it from the left side of the box to the gate, and it became 3-0 after being hit by the foot of the defense competing with Cho Kyu-sung. In the 15th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min, who received a low pass from the right, took over a 2-1 pass with Hwang Hee-chan on the left and made it 4-0 with a low right-footed shot in the box.

Shortly after the fourth run, Vietnam was even sent off for back tackle to avoid giving Son Heung-min a chance in South Korea’s attack, and in the 25th minute of the second half, South Korea scored a left-footed shot in Lee Kang-in’s box that received Son Heung-min’s pass. In the 41st minute of the second half, Jung Woo-young, who rushed to the gate to block Hwang Ui-jo’s shot, which received Lee Kang-in’s pass, was deflected off the defense and the goalkeeper fell, pushed the rebound ball to complete the 6-0.

In Korea’s fourth score of the day, an interesting scene came out. Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan penetrated the Vietnamese defense with a nice 2-1 pass, and Son Heung-min scored with a right-footed shot. At this time, pressure came from both sides, hitting shots and Son Heung-min fell. And even though he scored a goal, he couldn’t celebrate immediately and was lying on the field.

Everyone was concerned about injury, but Hwang Hee-chan was different. Hwang Hee-chan ran to Son Heung-min, grabbed his ear, and signaled, “Don’t pretend to be sick, stand up.” Then, Son Heung-min woke up with a “bbang” and a laugh, led by his younger brother’s hand.

It may not be that he’s actually not sick, but Son Heung-min is up even if it’s funny because his junior does something playful that can be rude to pull his ears.

There is another story to pull the ears, so Son Heung-min could burst out more “laughs.” Hwang Hee-chan, who made a 2-1 pass with Son Heung-min in the 43rd minute of the second half when he was leading 1-0 in the match against Chile on June 6 last year, penetrated Chile’s defense with a dribble breakthrough in the center. At that time, Hwang Hee-chan rolled over and fell as Chile’s defense hit his knee on a deep foot and South Korea was given a foul.

At this time, when Hwang Hee-chan was in pain, Son Heung-min approached and grabbed Hwang Hee-chan’s ear and signaled to stand up, and then Hwang Hee-chan also endured the pain and woke up smiling at Son Heung-min who held his ear. This is the scene just before Son Heung-min scored a beautiful free-kick goal as a kicker.

Hwang Hee-chan, who was attracted by Son Heung-min after ‘pretending to be sick’ a year and four months ago. This time, he scored a goal and grabbed Son Heung-min’s ear, making him burst into laughter.

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