Coach Oh Gi-no, Who Was The Lowest in Our Team’s Player Level And Poured Out His Determined Remarks

Oh Gi-no Masah 53, Japan, photo, the head coach of OK Financial Group in men’s volleyball, poured out his determined remarks toward his team. I think our team’s individual player’s level is the lowest among the seven clubs, coach Oh Gi-no said after losing 0-3 to Korean Air at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province on the 22nd. 안전놀이터 In particular, he raised the level of his remarks against Leo, a mercenary who is the core of the team’s attack. Foreign players from other teams are more intelligent, he said. I don’t think our team volleyball IQ is very good. I’m putting it up, he said.

At first glance, the team situation seems very bad, but OK Financial Group is performing better than expected this season. It has settled in fourth place with six wins, four losses and 15 points, and is fiercely chasing third-place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 6 wins, three losses, 16 points. It has won four of the six games in the first round and continues its upward trend by beating teams considered to be power superiority. Leo, who was evaluated by pointing out, also boasts one of the top ten attacks in the league with 235 points and 51.15% of attack success rate.

In the end, it can be interpreted as a statement containing coach Oh Gi-no’s intention to motivate the players. Coach Oh Gi-no, who took the helm of OK Financial Group in June, immediately began rebuilding the team after taking office and caused an underdog rebellion from his first season since his debut. OK Financial Group, which has been hovering in the middle and lower parts of the league for seven years since its foundation in 2013, lifted its first championship cup in the KOVO Cup in August and has maintained its mid-range performance unlike previous years even after entering the regular season.

It is the basic period that coach Ogino, who has been a player and leader in the Japanese league for a long time, emphasizes above all else. This volleyball philosophy is revealed in the color of the team focused on defense. In the first round, he put forward an unconventional strategy to instruct almost all players to put in a stable serve. Although it was not possible to shake the opponent’s camp with aggressive serve, this miscal minimization strategy worked and was able to accumulate wins calmly. OK Financial Group will face Woori Card, which is leading the league with 8 wins, 1 loss and 22 points on the 26th.

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