Tottenham Points Cut + Potential Relegation

The English Football Association has begun investigating Tottenham. The British media outlet The Times recently said, FA is re-investigating Tottenham’s recruitment process of old players. 먹튀검증 We are looking again at evidence that Tottenham violated agent regulations in the process of transferring Jermaine Defoe to Portsmouth in 2008, he said.

In January 2008, Tottenham sold Defoe for £7.5 million from Portsmouth. I thought it was a transfer without any problems, but 15 years later, in 2023, the problem was raised. At this time, suspicions arose that the agent involved in the transfer to Defoe was unlicensed.

The Times said, “The agent who led the transfer to Defoe, Mitchell Thomas, was not qualified as an agent. Nevertheless, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy met Thomas with then-coach Harry Redknapp to negotiate a transfer.

In accordance with FA regulations, agents involved in player transfers must have a certificate issued by the relevant football association. If this is violated, the club will be disciplined to cut points or be severely punished, such as banning the release of the board of directors and recruitment. In serious cases, it is possible to be demoted to the second division.

There is a sharp blow to the English Premier League. Another EPL team, Everton, was recently handed a 10-point cut. The EPL secretariat officially announced on the 17th that Everton was disciplined to cut 10 points for violating EPL’s profitability and sustainability regulations.

Everton, which was ranked 14th with 14 points until the 12th round, quickly became 4 points and fell to 19th place. He was on the verge of being relegated to the second division for the first time in 73 years. It did not cause more serious problems than Everton, but Tottenham is also expected to be disciplined. The level of disciplinary action is important.

Tottenham is on a noticeable rise this 2023-24 season. In the opening 10 games of the EPL, he won eight games, drew two and was undefeated. The momentum was scary enough to win the first place alone. He was on pace to win until he lost to Chelsea 1-4 in round 11.

However, they lost against Chelsea and lost 1-2 away to Wolverhampton in the very next match. After 10 undefeated matches, he lost two games in a row. On top of that, there were a number of injuries. James Maddison, Mickey van der Ben, Hishalisson, Ivan Perisic and Ryan Sessegnon were injured. Christian Romero was sent off.

He stopped running for first place for a while. Currently, Tottenham ranks fourth. After the A-match break, they will face Aston Villa, Manchester City, West Ham, Newcastle and Nottingham in turn. Since then, he has a busy Boxing Day schedule. They should walk on the thorny path and worry about disciplinary action.

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