Song Kyo-chang, Choi Jun-yong, And KBL Version of Durant and LeBron?

What if LeBron James and Kevin Durant were on the same team at a time? It’s a combination that NBA fans would have imagined at least once. 스포츠토토사이트 If it had been realized, it would have been truly shocking and frightening. The synergy between LeBron, the epitome of versatility, who was named No. 2 in history, and Earth 1 Option Durant, who is aiming for the top 10 players in history, would have been enough to give cheers to fans of the cheering team and despair to the opposing teams.

Such an imaginary combination may be viable in the KBL version. They are tall forwards Song Kyo-chang 27, 201cm and Choi Joon-yong 29, 200.2cm of KCC Aegis. Song Kyo-chang has been nicknamed Gyorant since a long time ago. They also have a lot of similar energy-level defense, including scoring goals quickly inside and outside with their big stature.

Song Kyo-chang is one of the players who changed the frame of a tall swingman in Korea. In the meantime, there has been constant talk among fans that we also need tall swingmen. But the reality was not easy. Basically, a tall person who is more than 2 meters tall is still a precious thing in the basketball world. If you have that height, most of them fall into the big man side.

However, Song Kyo-chang was raised as a swingman in his team KCC and continued to grow every season wearing clothes that fit him. Of course, this was possible because Song Kyo-chang had the ability to match it. No matter how tall you want to raise him as a swingman, he can’t settle in that position unless he has a quick and stable shooting ability.

Song gyochang is fast. It boasts a flash of movement as there is a saying that it has the speed of a guard. The mobility itself is good, and the instantaneous acceleration and quickness are excellent. Since the first step is excellent in high-quality handling, the pace-up that momentarily takes away the timing of the defender and succeeds is excellent. Not only a 3-point shot, but also a midrange jumper that stops and shoots momentarily…, It boasts a wide range of attack repertoires.

Songgyochang is not just a slasher. He also makes good use of his outstanding physical conditions and athletic abilities in defense. Originally, he boasted a fast and sensible defense, but due to the team’s circumstances before joining the military in Sangmu, he played as a power forward and developed his ability to fight. After joining the military in Sangmu, the side step has grown so much that it follows the movement of the fast guard, which is receiving praise for becoming an all-weather defender who is good at not only interpersonal defense but also assist defense.

Looking at the style and influence of play, it certainly reminds me of the KBL version of Durant. It is also the reason why KCC, who was called the favorite to win, eagerly waited for Song Kyo-chang amid a series of shocking losses. He is a player who has a wide range of activities and energy levels in offense and defense, which is a shame for the current team. The reason why KCC is scary is that it has Choi Joon-yong in addition to this Song Kyo-chang.

Choi Joon-yong, along with Song Kyo-chang, is called a two-top representing the tall forward of the KBL. Like Song Kyo-chang, it combines amazing athletic abilities and techniques that do not fit the size. If Song Kyo-chang is Durant, Choi Joon-yong is more like LeBron. Players over 2 meters are good at attack and defense, as well as reading and passing games. At least in terms of scarcity, he is such a unique player that he thinks there has ever been such a player.

The wide field of view and passing sense goes beyond the forward’s level and is reminiscent of some pure point guards. It is not unreasonable to say that he is the best point forward of all time. This ability of Choi Jun-yong shines especially in fast attack situations. You can throw the ball yourself, act as a link in the middle, or you can run out and finish it yourself.

Handlers, finishers, linkers, and trailer roles are all possible. That’s all. He has a great sense of defense as well as offense. It is a good idea to read the flow of the opponent’s ball well and make it difficult to proceed through a contest that blocks the path in advance or catches people off guard. This is also why he mainly took the top position in the 3-2 drop zone defense when he was in SK.

On top of that, he has a good grasp of the dropout point and reads the opponent’s shooting timing well, so he is also powerful in rebounds and block shots. In sum, both are air defense players with an even size, athletic ability, and BQ, but Song Kyo-chang raises the team’s energy level by running a lot, and Choi Joon-yong runs less, but he has a good ability to lay the plate so that other teammates can run a lot.

Here’s why KCC is a fraud team. Two players who will compete for the best forward in Korea in different teams will work together in one team. In addition, national team star Huh Woong 30·185cm is holding on to Ra Gun-ah (34·200.5cm) and Lee Seung-hyun 31·197cm, who are in charge of the national team’s post. That’s all. Chung Chang-young 35, 193 centimeters is a man of substance who would not be strange if he was elected to the national team.

New foreign player Alize Johnson 27, 201cm is also a special forward with his own color. In addition to Lee Ho-hyun 30, 182 centimeters, who is newly joined through the FA, the six-man level, including Lee Keun-hwi 24, 187 centimeters, is also solid. In terms of the players, it is no exaggeration to say that they are the strongest in KBL history. This is why they are called “Super Team and “Goliath Corps. It’s a weirdly huge composition of members to lose.

In this regard, KCC’s current performance is shocking. He has won four games and lost seven winning rate of 0.364 in 11 games, stopping in eighth place. Although it is early in the season, many say it is disappointing for the team, which was expected to lead alone. Every time that happened, the word not all together yet repeatedly came out, but now that Song Kyo-chang is back, the time has come to really show the overwhelming power of the super team.

KCC has countless attack options, but the most powerful weapon among them will be a similar but different Song Kyo-chang and Choi Jun-yong combination. In the absence of a clear field commander at the moment, a tremendous synergy effect is expected if they work together in offense and defense, including sharing handling. This was also largely revealed in the match against Hyundai Mobis on the 27th.

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