Points bet Canada joins forces with golf brand Club Link

PointBet Canada continues to secure more lucrative partnerships in Canada as Sportsbook most recently signed a deal with Clublink. 파친코 The latter is the golf club’s largest owner and operator, and through a multi-year partnership, PointBet Canada will become the official sports betting partner for the golf giant. It will also host numerous golf events throughout Ontario.

The betting firm is a subsidiary of PointsBet, an Australian bookmaker listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The conglomerate operates in Australia, the United States, Canada, and Ireland. Innovative sports and racing wearings delivered through a Grade 1 cloud-based betting platform that comes with vertical, ADW and online gambling.

PointBet Canada’s chief commercial officer, Nick Sulsky, shared that the company is excited to work with one of the biggest golf brands in Canadian golf. He said golfers are one of the most enthusiastic sports fans, and he’s looking forward to showing them why the betting company has won the EGR North America’s top sports betting operator twice.

In April this year, the betting company made one more significant achievement as it entered Ontario’s regulated market for online operators. The state has attracted a lot of attention from operators and is one of the fastest growing iGaming jurisdictions in North America. As a Toronto-based division, the company will consider taking the lead among other companies while offering locally inspired content.

Shortly after it hit the iGaming market in Ontario, Mr. Sulsky announced that the company had enjoyed a tremendous start to its local business. He also shared that early statistics and data are encouraging and suggest players will be loyal to sportsbooks in the near future. According to Morgan Stanley data, the app collected between 5% and 8% of all downloads.

Brent Miller, vice president of marketing and business development at Clublink, said that as a recently launched sportsbook in Ontario, their partner has already shown a lot of commitment to the local market. Miller noted that the golf brand is happy to partner with one of the leading sports betting operators, as well as enhancing the experience of clublink members.

Keeze Kort, Director of Commercial Partnerships at Sportsbook, argues that since day one, the company has been committed to buying brands as brands that embody the country’s sports heritage. The executive is now looking forward to a fun summer while also involving players from clublinks in the province.

In March this year, PointsBet Canada signed a partnership with the Ottawa Red Blacks to prepare for their long-awaited Ontario debut. Through the contract, the company became the official sports betting partner of the CFL team for the remainder of the season.

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