Tech Analyst Provides Advice On Gateway Casino Cyberattacks

Recently, Ontario’s land gambling industry has been shaken by cyberattacks that shut down gateway casinos and entertainment properties for more than two weeks. Technology analyst and journalist Carmi Levy pointed out on the topic that the incident requires companies to invest more money and time in cybersecurity and employee training.

Gateway Casino and Entertainment, which operates 14 gaming locations across Ontario, announced on April 16, 2023 that it had suspended gambling activities for more than two weeks following a cyberattack. The company later identified itself as a victim of the ransomware attack, but said no information from customers or employees was leaked.

In a recent interview, Mr. Levy explained that such ransomware attacks are now much more prevalent. As an expert on the subject, he explained that digital criminals usually send phishing emails that seem legitimate to people inside the organization. This type of email often asks recipients to download files to access your corporate network.

In this situation, Ransomware adds that it locks data from individuals or organizations and requests payment to return it. Mr. Levy noted that while many people consider ransomware a technology issue, it explains that it is more of a human resources issue. It also added that there is no guarantee that data will be unlocked by cybercriminals.

In addition, Levy said organizations need to find previously backed up backup materials to recover from ransomware attacks. In many cases, he said, organizations will find that backups are not as effective as they thought. He also argued that better education is the best defense against ransomware attacks.

Finally, experts say it is time for companies to strengthen their culture to prevent such attacks in the future. He shared whether people’s personal information was violated, saying that public-related organizations and companies need to be more transparent when they become victims of cyber incidents.

This week Gateway Casino and Entertainment finally returned to normal gaming activity as the operator reopened all 14 locations in Ontario. Casino Lamar resumed work on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 10 a.m., and both slot and table games were available. The resort’s Simcoe Yard House and Couching Court Buffet will also reopen this week.

In a recent statement, the game leader guaranteed that he would continue to work with third-party experts around the clock to determine if there had been any personal information leaks. We also shared that we have already reported cases to relevant privacy officials, law enforcement and government regulators. The company will provide any updates.

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