Samcheok City Hall got off to a good start after winning a big victory over Gwangju City Corporation

Samcheok City Hall won a great victory over Gwangju City Corporation and got off to a smooth start for the third consecutive year.

Samcheok City Hall beat Gwangju City Corporation 33-21 in the first round of the women’s team in the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 handball H-League held at Gwangmyeong Civic Gymnasium in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do on the 5th.

Samcheok City Hall, which boasts solid defense, also led the game by leading the attack from the first half. Gwangju City Corporation lost its momentum in pursuit as it failed to reduce its mistakes.

Samcheok City Hall’s ace Kim Min-seo scored a goal boasting explosive elasticity from the beginning, and the Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation’s error came out and ran to 8-3.

The chase was not easy as the Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation failed to penetrate the strong defense of Samcheok City Hall. Samcheok City Hall ended the first half with Kim Sun-hwa’s survival and a 17-10 run..

At the beginning of the second half, Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation scored two goals in a row, but this time, the error was also hampered. The gap widened to 23-13 as Samcheok City Hall did not slow down the reins with various plays.

Samcheok City Hall’s Kim Bo-eun and Kang Byul survived, and goalkeeper Park Sae-young defended well, leading to a 32-19 and 13 points gap. Samcheok City Hall finally won 33-21.

As the gap widened, Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation coach Oh Se-il encouraged the players by ordering, “It’s the first game, so don’t think about winning or losing and play as you want,” but it was not enough. Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation had no choice but to realize the absence of the best goal scorer Kang Kyung-min from the first game.

Samcheok City Hall led the attack with Kim Min-seo scoring seven goals, Kim Sun-hwa scoring six goals, and Kim Bo-eun and Kang Byul scoring five goals each, while goalkeeper Park Sae-young made 12 saves. Kim Min-seo achieved 100 assists in the first half.

Gwangju City Corporation led the attack with Kim Ji-hyun scoring eight goals and Lee Ah-hyun scoring six goals.

Kim Min-seo of Samcheok City Hall, who led the attack from the first half and was selected as the MVP, said, “There are many new players, so we are working together, and we will try to finish the first game well until the end.”

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