Jio Compliance Ink 1 Contract

This Monday, JioComply, a leading brand in geolocation and fraud prevention services in the U.S. and Canadian iGaming sectors, announced it was acquiring OneComply. Both companies are headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, but the latter is a brand focused on giving customers a platform that simplifies compliance data.

As mentioned, OneComplement is located in B.C., Canada, and is known for helping businesses operate in highly regulated markets, centralizing compliance data into a single digital account. According to the brand, companies can enhance the efficiency, security, and supervision of their compliance and license management processes.

Geocomply is heavily involved in the North American iGaming industry because it helps digital sportsbooks and casinos physically locate users before allowing them to use their services. The company said the acquisition of OneComply will help it expand its portfolio from gaming to fintech and other sectors while enhancing its services for iGaming partners.

Anna Sainsbury, co-founder and CEO of GeoComply, commented on the contract, shared her excitement about the deal, and welcomed OneComply’s addition. She said she was happy with the acquisition and was happy to complete the process. In addition, Mr. Sainsbury said the brand’s licensing platform and expertise will add more quality to its portfolio of geolocation providers.

According to her, the acquisition will improve the company’s solutions, helping current and new partners in gambling and other regulatory industries realistically and cost-effectively. She also expects the deal to help geolocation providers and many partners on the continent set new gold standards in compliance and risk services.

Finally, Sainsbury’s said the two companies will have unprecedented capabilities to support critical compliance needs in the gaming industry. These include anti-money laundering, customer identification, licensing, geolocation, sanctions compliance, and anti-fraud technologies. Terms of the acquisition agreement were not disclosed.

Currently, GeoComply operates as a geolocation service provider in North America’s two largest markets, New York and Ontario, and the iGaming platform, which recently released its first year report on Ontario, has recorded 19.9 million login attempts from more than 744,000 users worldwide. This totaled more than C$35 billion in bets.

In February, the company announced that Empire State recorded more than 100 million geolocation checks across the country over Super Bowl LVII weekend. There were more than 13.9 million pings in the state, the largest in all regulatory markets in the United States. New York has created the second most unique account with 851,000 cases.

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