Toronto Woman Gets Her Hand On C$10.6 Million Jackpot

This week, Ontario got the name of a millionaire who recently won the lottery in Canada’s most populous state. Lottery 6/49 Lottery The Ontario Lottery and gaming company awarded a jackpot worth C$10.6 million to a 66-year-old Toronto woman, Xiao Min Han. Now, with this amazing prize, she plans to buy a new house.

Lotto 6/49 is a nationwide lottery game that offers a chance to win major prizes and is drawn twice a week. Once on Wednesdays and once on Saturdays. Since September last year, the game has come with an updated format and boasts classic jackpots and gold balls. Classic is pegged at C$5 million, and Gold Ball could reach C$68 million.

This week, the Crown Corporation handed Han a check worth C$10,600,885.60. On September 10, 2022, I received an amazing win in the lottery 6/49 draw, but I slowly turned it into cash. Han lives in North York, is a mother and grandmother, and now looks forward to seeing and benefitting from the huge windfall.

She told OLG that at first it was hard to believe that she actually won, and she couldn’t believe the numbers in front of her. So she called her sister to confirm her winning the lottery. But after the news broke, she said she was calm but happy to be a winner of this size.

Han has already started to plan what he will do with the jackpot, but his first job is a new house and a car. I’m also planning a trip to Europe because I’ve never been there before. She also said that she sometimes won the lottery, but always chose her number for the lottery.

In addition, she said that Lotto Max and the Daily Grand are usually her preferred choices when it comes to winning the lottery. According to OLG, winning tickets for the Sept. 10, 2022 draw were purchased at the JJ Smoke Center on Young Street in North York. Retailers will also get a few percentage points from winning the lottery.

In early 2023, the OLG announced that three Ontario people also won a lottery 6/49 jackpot worth $5 million. There were three winners but two winning tickets, so both tickets charged C$2.5 million. The first winning ticket is for Debra and Kenneth Skic from Bowmanville, and the second is for Shane King, 54, from New Tekumsse.

In February, Canada learned the name of the first winner of the Gold Ball jackpot in a new format called Lotto 6/49. Jean-Marc Poirier with a C$36 million windfall in his name after his ticket was chosen as the sole winner in the Oct. 29, 2022 lottery. With this award, he wants to travel all over the world, get a new car, and spend more time on his hobbies.

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