Pollard Bill Finalist Another Reward

Manitoba-based Pollard Banknote just announced that its subsidiary Shafer Systems has been nominated and is currently shortlisted for major categories at the International Gaming Awards. This category is the lottery prize of the year, and the nomination was Shafer Systems’ cutting-edge Select 4 Instant Ticket Automatic Machine.

The International Gaming Awards will be decided by a panel of industry experts and this year will be the 15th edition. The panel most recently announced its finalists for a series of different categories, and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London on April 11, 2022. Pollard Banknote was also nominated for the American Game of the Year Company.

We award lottery prizes of the year for products that improve the ability to connect and engage players with innovative concepts while providing the best options in terms of play. The Select 4™ Instant Ticket Automotive combines the capabilities of self-service ITVMs while making them more compact, which is perfect for the description.

This state-of-the-art product allows you to sell lottery tickets without real cashiers in markets that have proved difficult, including bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, coffee shops, and more. Thanks to its small size and design, the machine can fit almost anywhere, while coming with a fun digital interface to engage players. Its security and user-friendly interface have changed the game for the industry.

Teresa Immel, senior director of sales and marketing at Shafer Systems, said she was proud to see Select 4™ products welcomed in such a spectacular way. She said retail expansion is the company’s main goal and will continue to choose Select 4™ for unorthodox venues such as bars and restaurants.

According to her, the self-service lottery vending machine has been successfully launched in two U.S. regions, attracting a lot of attention from lottery fans, which has led to an increase in instant ticket sales, and she concluded that she is looking forward to seeing how the company’s products and other services can be utilized to attract new crowds.

It’s also worth mentioning that Pollard Banknote was announced as a finalist in more than one category at the 2022 International Gaming Awards. The first honor is the American Game of the Year company and the other is the lottery product of the year. The latter is related to the company’s latest instant game concept, Straight By Luck.

Currently, the prominent ticket provider has partnerships with more than 60 lottery tickets worldwide, and received a contract extension for outstanding service and results from the Maryland Lottery and Game Control Authority in the summer of 2021.

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