Yggdrasil Gaming Shows New Slots – Fingers of the Dead

On the last day of January, Igdrasil Gaming introduced its latest slot title to its many fans. The new game is titled Dead Man’s Fingers, and it’s G through the YG Masters program.A pirate-themed slot adventure developed with the help of Games. The new slot variant sends athletes on adventures in seven seas to search for buried treasures.

The new slot offering follows previous hits Cthulhu, Tiger Tiger and Serendipity.This is the fourth title that Games produced through the YG Master program. Similar to previous slots, this slot is powered by Igdrasil Gaming’s state-of-the-art GATI technology. It allows partners to use pre-configured, regulation-ready, standardized development tools to produce iGaming content.

Dead Man’s fingers use a 4×5 slot grid with 25 paylines to send players to the depths of seven uncharted seas to find treasure. It also comes with free spin and money collect. You can mount a treasure chest on a cash-worthy reel or mount a mini, minor, major, or grand jackpot to enable cache collection during base play. Rolling the collect symbol on the fifth reel will collect all the money symbols.

Players should also be familiar with Octopus symbols that act as wilds in the default game mode in the game. Three scatters award 10 free spins, during which you can collect more cash symbols and coins to earn more prize money. Players can also re-trigger bonus rounds as many times as they meet the conditions.

Stuart McCarthy, head of products and programs at Igdracil Gaming, said through the YG Masters program, G.Games’ latest title is Sea Adventures with generous payouts. According to him, by combining pirates with premium money collect features, during base and free spin modes, it offers players a whole new dynamic.

Helen Walton, C.O. of G.Games, also commented on the launch, saying that the slot is an exciting new addition to the company’s portfolio. She is now looking forward to how the game will be received by fans from the provider’s network of operators. According to her, the treasures are not that far away from players because you can get big treasures with each spin.

More impressive titles developed through Igdrasil Gaming’s master program include “The Balhala Saga: Thor’s Thunder,” which was released in November last year. As the name suggests, the slot offering was developed inspired by Norse mythology, using a 5×3 slot grid and a total of 20 paylines. It was developed by Jelly, which incorporates a Powerlinks mechanical that offers greater rewards and free spins.

Also last November, the famous game provider released another impressive slot title, named 5 Clan: Final Battle. It was re-developed by Reflex Gaming through the YG Master Program and offers tremendous fun through special features and payment options.

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