It was thrilling. There is romance in Lee Jae-do’s pass!

Changwon LG will play the fourth round of the 2023-2024 professional basketball semifinal playoff against Suwon KT at the Suwon KT Sonic Boom Arena on the 22nd. LG, which has a total of two wins and one loss in the series, will advance to the championship match, which was first launched by Busan KCC.

LG dramatically regained the upper hand of the series. In Game 3, Yoon Won-sang tied the game and succeeded in a buzzer-beater to win a new 76-73. Although the series is not over yet, LG took a dominant position with Yoon’s big shot.

Lee Jae-do gave assist to Yoon Won-sang’s buzzer-beater. “I originally wanted to pass it to Maray, but the opponent was very concerned about him, so I passed it to (Yoon) Wonsang. The remaining time was shorter than I thought. I felt sorry for Won, but I hoped it would be resolved, but it was so cool,” Lee Jae-do said.

Lee Jae-do continued, “There would not have been many winning shots like that in all playoffs. I felt so good and thrilled. It was a happy day.”

Lee Jae-do summoned another dramatic moment. This happened when he was a member of KT, which is now facing the enemy. On Feb. 24, 2017, at Changwon Gymnasium. Kim Young-hwan, who was traded from LG to KT at the time, hit a buzzer beater that put a dagger into LG while trailing 74-76. Some even called it a “double clutch sky hook shot.”

The player who passed to Kim Young-hwan at the time was Lee Jae-do. Although it was not recorded as an assist, Lee Jae-do said, “The team we are currently dealing with is KT. I think it’s an interesting relationship. I’m not the type to use my passes wisely or take advantage of shooters’ chances, but I have romance and blessings in my passes.”

The fourth round will take place on Tuesday, which marks Dante Cunningham’s birthday. After finishing the team’s training in the morning, LG gave Cunningham a cake and had a time to celebrate his birthday. Of course, Cunningham’s biggest birthday present is to advance to the championship game.

When asked about this, Lee Jae-do said, “I was dealt a blow in the second game, and I need to nourish my experience. I will play today’s game with tension as well. I will congratulate (Cunningham) properly after the game. I’m sure everyone feels the same way.”

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