A surprise guest who appeared in TOP basketball class, Jeong Hyo-geun and Jonghyun Lee

On April 18, a one-point lesson and signing event was held at the gymnasium (World Sport) dedicated to the Ansan branch of the TOP basketball class, Anyang Jeonggwanjang Red Booster Jung Hyo-geun and Jonghyun Lee.

TOP Basketball Class is active as a professional youth team at Anyang Jeonggwanjang. In response, Jung Hyo-geun and Jonghyun Lee visited TOP Basketball Class for the offseason and had a great time with about 200 students, including lessons, Q&As, and signings.

Jeong Hyo-geun and Jonghyun Lee explained in detail to the students, including one-point lesson for each position, shooting posture, dribbling skills, and under-the-basket shot. They also presented students with memories by presenting dunk shots that drew attention.

Then, through the Q&A session, there was a time where professional players could ask questions directly and listen to the answers to resolve their curiosity while being pleasant. Finally, students were able to keep unforgettable and pleasant lifelong memories through photo shoots and autograph sessions with the players.

TOP CEO Kim Si-wan began by saying, “If I have a chance for a more diverse and enjoyable experience for children, I try to make fan signings often.”

“It was a shame that there were so many fans at the home stadium that it was difficult to have time to talk to the children or get autographs separately. This time, Hyogeun and Jonghyun took special time to make pleasant memories for the students,” he said.

Lastly, he said, “Players who I always watched and cheered for me in person at the stadium, taught me basketball, took pictures, and signed autographs at the gymnasium where the kids worked out, and I liked it a lot. Thank you once again to the two players.”

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