Director Gunathan was full of anticipation and disappointment for leaving the toilet

WKBL said in a press release on the 25th that “Incheon Shinhan Bank and Busan BNKsome have made a trade.”

The final destination for national guard Jihyun Shin (28, 174 centimeters) has been decided to be Shinhan Bank in Incheon. Jihyun Shin left Bucheon Hana One Q, which was designated by Busan BNK Thumb as a compensation player for Jinan, who left as a free agent, and immediately joined Shinhan Bank.

“I was preparing in advance to recruit Jihyun Shin, but I was more worried. It could go wrong. Fortunately, we communicated well with BNK,” said coach Gunathan of Shinhan Bank in a telephone interview with this newspaper on Saturday.

Shinhan Bank, which played “Spring Basketball” for three consecutive seasons, only ranked fifth last season and was eliminated from the playoffs. The ace, Sonia, struggled hard, averaging 16.5 points, but it was not enough. Then he left the team, and Jihyun Shin took over the role.

“As everyone knows, he is so talented as a guard. He is good enough to lead the team on his own. He will be able to make up for our shortcomings,” said coach Gunathan.

However, if you have enough power, you lose resources. Byun was out for the season after rupturing his cruciate ligament in the first game of last season. Having been drafted by Shinhan Bank as the third-ranked player in the 2021 draft, Byun was recognized for his competence as a bench member, scoring 3.1 points on average in 11 minutes and 12 seconds in 20 games during the 2022-2023 season.

Manager Gunathan said, “Of course, it’s a shame. But BNK wanted Sojung (Byeon). Looking at our team’s situation, I had no choice. I hope we can win-win as much as our team wants.”

Shinhan Bank has also faced many changes due to the FA market. Many players, including Jihyun Shin, Choi Yi-sam, and Shin Yi-seul, joined as much as Asan Woori Bank, where all the main pillars have left.

“I think the first thing to do is to figure out the players’ tendencies. Also, we will make time to strengthen our teamwork as we can still be awkward with each other. I think we need to convene and take our time to figure it out slowly,” he said, explaining his future plans.

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