Director Jeon Chang-jin of KCC

“There is no player who can stop Heo Hoon. I will let him get more than 50 points,” Jeon said at a media day ahead of the championship match. It was a shocking statement to say that he would allow the main scorer to get 50 points.

“When I told Heo Hoon that he could give him 50 points, that would reduce the portion of Bath’s offense (KT Paris) and increase the number of KT’s domestic players’ offense. The ball goes to Bath less. If so, he made the remark in the sense that he has a high probability of winning the game.”

Heo Hoon’s remark of 50 points is one of the most intense verbal attacks. Jeon was more wary of KT’s Paris Bath. “Bath is quite fast, and he boasts excellent technology. I was also embarrassed when he allowed Bath an unexpected three-point shot in the second game. I thought it was more important to block KT’s domestic players from scoring goals than Bath,” he said.

“Huh-hoon and Bath judged that the two scored about that much. If they block other Korean players from scoring, KT’s score will decrease by that amount,” Jeon said after thorough analysis. In the game where KT’s offense was viewed as successful, their combined score ranged from 50 to 60 points. However, Jeon’s tactic of wanting Huh’s score ratio to increase was effective.

Hur scored an average of 26.6 points per game in the five championship matches. Bath also scored 24.4 points on average in five matches. However, as Hur scored multiple points while playing with the ball, Bath’s motivation waned. Bath was not seen in the showdown. The series went as coach Jeon wanted, and KCC won the championship in the end.

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