The fierce competition for the Paris Olympics

With the 2024 Paris Olympics approaching, the competition for the men’s golf team is heating up.

Competition for the top two players at the Paris Olympics has intensified in the men’s golf world ranking announced on the 6th, with Kim Joo-hyung ranking 23rd, Ahn Byung-hoon 32nd, Lim Sung-jae 38th, and Kim Si-woo 44th.

The men’s golf tournament at the Paris Olympics will be held at Le Golf Nacional near Paris for four days from August 1st. The ticket will be determined based on the world ranking announced on June 24th. Two people per country and up to four people within the top 15 in the world ranking will receive the ticket. So far, Kim Joo-hyung is in the highest ranking, but it is difficult to conclude that anyone is a strong candidate due to the lack of a wide point gap.

World rankings are determined based on performances earned at weekly professional golf tournaments around the world. World ranking points are earned based on performances earned at competitions that have been participating in the past two years, and the ranking is determined by dividing the combined points by the number of competitions participating.

Kim Joo-hyung, ranked 23rd, was rated 2.9204, followed by Ahn Byung-hoon, 2.4863, Im Sung-jae, ranked 38th, 2.3647, and Kim Si-woo, ranked 44th.

In particular, PGA Tour players have high allocation of world ranking points based on their performance, which greatly varies their rankings. Ahn Byung-hoon tied for fourth at the PGA Tour’s The CJ Cup Byronelson, which ended on the same day, moving up nine notches from last week’s 41st. Taylor Pendris of Canada, who won the championship, also jumped to 58th from 107th last week.

The fact that two major competitions will be held for the rest of the year could also be a variable. Two major competitions are scheduled, the PGA Championship from the 16th and the U.S. Open from the 13th of June.

In a major competition, the winner receives 100 points in the world ranking, which is far more than in a general competition. The CJ Cup winner Pendris earned 41.8 points.

If 44th-ranked Kim Si-woo wins the PGA Championship and receives 100 world ranking points, the rating may soar from the late 3-point range to the 4-point range, jumping to the top 10 in the world ranking.

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