I felt someone kicked me in the head from behind

Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown spoke about the controversial ‘scene’.

Brown reflected on the game in an interview after the fourth round of the conference semifinals against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio, on the 14th (Korea time).

“I want to recognize Cleveland as the most intense match in this series. The opponent’s energy was incredible, he ran really fast and hard, and he tried to beat us in speed. This worked in the first half, but we performed a little better in the second half,” he said in commenting on the match.

There was a controversial scene with 8:44 left in the second quarter. After he fell on the court after scoring the goal, Brown grabbed his opponent player Max Strus’ ankle and knocked him over.
The referee conducted a video review to see if it was intentional, but an “away from the play foul” (a foul in an area unrelated to the ball) was declared, not a flagging foul. The angry crowd booed Brown whenever he caught the ball.

“I’ve just accepted it,” he said of his attitude in responding to the boos, who quickly became a villain.

He also explained the situation in question. “I tried to break through, and after contacting him at the end, I fell on the court and felt as if someone was kicking me on the back of my head. At that moment, I thought that if I couldn’t move or do so, I should at least protect myself. I didn’t mean to trip someone’s leg,” he said, explaining the situation at the time.

Regarding the decision, he said, “I think the judges made the right decision. It was something to forget.”

On this day, he scored 27 points, showing extreme efficiency in making nine of them even though he tried only 15 shots.

“I was aggressive. I didn’t think anyone in the team could stop me,” he said, adding that he played with strong confidence.

Meanwhile, with 1:07 left in the fourth quarter, teammate Jason Tatum was caught getting angry by hitting his chest too hard.
With a smile, he said, “I wasn’t paying attention at all, but all of a sudden I came and put the left hook in my chest. I’ll give it back.”

Tatum smiled as he entered the press conference. “I didn’t know I hit you that hard. I’ve been doing a lot of weights lately.”

“Team members are like 15 brothers. We have been together for a lot of time since the preseason. We exist for each other. Even the strongest mentally can be encouraged by teammates sometimes,” he said, showing off his strong brotherly love with Brown and other teammates.

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